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ISTANBUL: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says Turkish Defence production industry is one of the best in the world and second to none. 

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  • LEAs foil plot by recently emerged militant group that comprised highly
  • educated terrorists, ideologically associated with Al-Qaeda, says Rangers
  • LEAs traced militants after effectively going through the CCTV footage;
  • Paramilitary troops and CTD jointly carried out targeted raid, say police

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Economic Indicators

 Economic Indicators
Forex Reserves (22-Sep-17)$20.052bn
Inflation CPI% (Jul 17 - Sep 17)3.39%
Exports (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$3.50bn
Imports (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$9.79bn
Trade Balance (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$(6.29)bn
Current A/C (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$(2.61)bn
Remittances (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$3.50bn
Foreign Investment (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$0.35bn
Revenue (Jul 16 - Apr 17)Rs 2,616bn
Foreign Debt (Jun-17)$82.98bn
Domestic Debt (Jun 17)Rs 15,307bn
Repatriated Profit (Jul 17 - Aug 17)$0.204bn
LSM Growth (July 17)12.78%
GDP Growth FY175.30%
Per Capita Income FY17$1,629
 Money Market Update
T-Bills (3 Mths)5.991% 27-Sep-2017
T-Bills (6 Mths)6.0109% 27-Sep-2017
T-Bills (12 Mths)6.0273% 27-Sep-2017
Policy Rate5.75% 30-Sep-2017
Kibor (1 Mth)6.26% 03-Oct-2017
Kibor (3 Mths)6.15% 03-Oct-2017
Kibor (6 Mths)6.17% 03-Oct-2017
Kibor (9 Mths)6.46% 03-Oct-2017
Kibor (1 Yr)6.48% 03-Oct-2017
P.I.B (3 Yrs)7% 21-Sep-2017
P.I.B (5 Yrs)7.75% 21-Sep-2017
P.I.B (10 Yrs)8.75% 21-Sep-2017
P.I.B (15 Yrs)10% 21-Sep-2017
P.I.B (20 Yrs)10.75% 21-Sep-2017
P.I.B (30 Yrs)11% 21-Sep-2017
 Open Market Currency Rates
SymbolsBuy (Rs)Sell (Rs)
Australian $82.5083.3
Canadian $84.5085.35
Danish Krone16.3516.65
Hong Kong $13.4013.65
Japanese Yen0.9100.94
Saudi Riyal28.2028.4
Singapore $77.7578.55
Swedish Korona12.7012.95
Swiss Franc107.00107.9
U.A.E Dirham28.9029.15
UK Pound141.00142.75
US $106.70107
 Inter-Bank Currency Rates
SymbolsBank Buying TT CleanBank Selling TT & OD
Australian $82.1982.35
Canadian $84.0984.25
Danish Krone16.5816.61
Hong Kong $13.6313.66
Japanese Yen0.9310.9326
Saudi Riyal28.1128.16
Singapore $77.1677.31
Swedish Korona13.0013.02
Swiss Franc107.80108.01
U.A.E Dirham28.6828.7241
UK Pound139.68139.94
US $105.33105.5201

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