Headlines: Dar vows continuous efforts to solidify Pak-US relations     -     PSB conducts Hajj draw ceremony
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ambassador to United States, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, has presented his credentials to the US President Donald J. Trump at White House.

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  • Will work for ties based on mutual respect and interests;
  • Acting Dy Secretary briefed on counter terror operations 
  • Dar addresses members of US-Pak BC at US Chambers;
  • Pakistan fast improving ease of doing business: FinMin

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Economic Indicators

 Economic Indicators
Forex Reserves (07-Apr-17)$21.744bn
Inflation CPI% (Jul 16 - Mar 17)4.01%
Exports (Jul 16 - Mar 17)$15.12bn
Imports (Jul 16 - Mar 17)$38.50bn
Trade Balance (Jul 16 - Mar 17)$(20.38)bn
Current A/C (Jul 16 - Feb 17)$(5.47)bn
Remittances (Jul 16 - Feb 17)$12.36bn
Foreign Investment (Jul 16 - Mar 17)$1239.9mn
Revenue (Jul 16 - Feb 17)Rs 1,915bn
Foreign Debt (Dec-16)$74.13bn
Domestic Debt (Jan 17)Rs 14,831bn
Repatriated Profit (Jul 16 - Feb 17)$1,141mn
LSM Growth (Jan 17)1.08%
GDP Growth FY164.70%
Per Capita Income FY14$1,386
 Money Market Update
T-Bills (3 Mths)5.9753% 12-Apr-2017
T-Bills (6 Mths)5.9934% 12-Apr-2017
T-Bills (12 Mths)5.9935% 12-Apr-2017
Policy Rate5.75% 25-Mar-2017
Kibor (1 Mth)6.27% 19-Apr-2017
Kibor (3 Mths)6.14% 19-Apr-2017
Kibor (6 Mths)6.15% 19-Apr-2017
Kibor (9 Mths)6.43% 19-Apr-2017
Kibor (1 Yr)6.47% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (3 Yrs)7% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (5 Yrs)7.75% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (10 Yrs)8.75% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (15 Yrs)10% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (20 Yrs)10.75% 19-Apr-2017
P.I.B (30 Yrs)11% 19-Apr-2017
 Open Market Currency Rates
SymbolsBuy (Rs)Sell (Rs)
Australian $78.7579.55
Canadian $78.5079.35
Danish Krone14.8515.15
Hong Kong $13.4013.65
Japanese Yen0.9300.96
Saudi Riyal28.1528.35
Singapore $75.0075.8
Swedish Korona11.5011.75
Swiss Franc104.10105
U.A.E Dirham28.7529
UK Pound134.50136.25
US $106.00106.3
 Inter-Bank Currency Rates
SymbolsBank Buying TT CleanBank Selling TT & OD
Australian $78.7978.94
Canadian $78.1578.3
Danish Krone15.0915.11
Hong Kong $13.6213.65
Japanese Yen0.9610.9631
Saudi Riyal27.9227.97
Singapore $74.9375.07
Swedish Korona11.6811.7
Swiss Franc104.96105.16
U.A.E Dirham28.5228.5733
UK Pound134.29134.54
US $104.77104.9593

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