Islamic Banks are increasing in developing countries and as well as developed countries all over the world. Recently, more than 1100 institutions provide a service of Islamic banking in the worldwide and In future the number of superior banks such as HSBC, Standard Charted and Deutscheare are also provide a services of Islamic banking. The globally aim of Islamic Banking is to offer an option of Islamic  banking which is according to  Sharia
Two basic principles of Islamic banking are working, one is the sharing of profit and loss and the second principle of collection of payment and interest which is satirically restricted in Islam. Islamic banking is working on the base of Sharia, while the conventional banking is working on the base of Riba which is strictly restricted in Islam. In Surah Al Baqra it is clear restricted about the Riba and Islamic banking is growing due to Riba.
The growth of Islamic banking is increasing after financial crises in 2008 all over the world which affect most of the countries and bank also crept and as well as many companies also become bank crept. The basic reason of bank crept is interest which is Riba and Riba is forbidden in Islam. After the financial crises the Islamic Banking increasing in all over the world instead of conventional banking. After 9/11 Islamic baking ratio increasing more than the financial crises because After 9/11 Arab was not much interested in the Europe and USA. They are arrangement  to invest in Asia countries such as India, China etc Because in Asia some countries economies have fastest growing economies in all over the world.
India have fastest growing economies and have enough resources and economies have much potential of boosting. Islamic banking is working in India after the Kerala High Court has dismissed the petitions filed against it. The Muslim population in India is the third largest population of Muslim and about round  156 million Muslim living in India and which are become 13 to 14 percent of the population and the second largest population of Muslim in Indonesia.
In India, Islamic banking is promoted through Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (kSIDC) and which is facilitate Sharai complaint and infrastructure of Islamic Banking. However  Islamic banking are facing a lot of problem in India such as Islamic Banking is not working under Banking regulation. They are working under Non Banking Finance Companies Reserve Bank Directives 1997 RBI (amendment) Act 1997 and operate on Islamic principles. They think Islamic Banking is religion based banking and if they allow it will be dominant as Muslim.
The expert says India will allow the Islamic Banking as a professional banking and it will help the poor people, helpless people, agriculture, industrial, and as well it will helpful in the economy and GDP growth rate. Islamic Banks of Thailand, Islamic banks of Singapore and Islamic banks of Britain could be perfect models for India.
In Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) launched policy of Islamic banking  in December 2001 and Islamic bank is established in September 2003. The Islamic Banking is promoted by International Monetary Fund which is facilitated to Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) 2000. In recently, Six full fledge Banking are working as a Islamic Banking and thirteen conventional banks are also provide a facility of Islamic Banking and approximately more than 800 branches of Islamic Banking are working and in future 200 branches also offer a facility of Islamic Banking.
Pakistan has a mixed system of Islamic banking where Islamic banking and conventional banking are working side by side. At the report of State Banking of the Pakistan (SBP), the total asset size of Islamic Banking is RS 560 billion. The growth of Islamic banking annually is approximately 20 percent and the assets of Islamic Banking showed the strong growth which is increasing to RS 477 billion in 2010 from RS 366.3 billion during the same period and the growth which is increase every year was 30  percent. In year of 2004 the asset of Islamic banks are RS 44.1 billion which is raises to RS 477 billion in CY 10.
Islamic Banking is a positive impact all over the world and it changes the banking system and banking play a vital role in the economy of the any country. The scholar indicates that banks which are working on Islamic Base, is not properly working according to Islam. There is need to amendment a policy and rule, which is according to Islam. Ukhawat is an small microfinance organization which is purely working on Islam base and it give loan free of interest and their return ratio is 99.85 percent. It provide a loan of two billion which is distribute in  three million family and there is no need of any guarantee. Ukhawat is the first world largest organization which provide a loan free of interest and the second large organization is Garmin Bank but it is working on the base of forty percent interest rate.
In order to promote the Islamic finance there are take to several steps; enhance the regulatory frame work of Islamic Banking, Develop quality human resource, Risk management related to Islamic Banking, best practice and good Cooperate governance in according to Islam.