NDF for setting up Pakistan-Malaysia CW uplift centre

ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Democratic Foundation (NDF) Kunwar Dilshad has proposed to establish Pakistan-Malaysia Commonwealth Development Centre. 
According to a press release issued here on Thursday, he made this statement while addressing a dinner hosted by NDF in the honour of Dr. Dato Lim Siow Jin, Founder and CEO of DXN International Malaysia.  
The NDF Chairman said, "We are proud of the development which Malaysia has achieved in the area of human and industrial development. It has really emerged as an Asian Tiger in the region, which is a matter of pride for all the Asians." 
"The contributions of Dato Lim Siow Jin in the area of medical industry and humanitarian services are especially noteworthy. In recognition to his services, the Malaysian Government has honoured him with the title of Dato. His contributions are great," he said.
Kunwar Dilshad further emphasized that, "The other countries, like Pakistan should emulate the policies and programmes of Malaysia." 
"The objectives of this centre will be learning from each other through research and exchange of ideas by way of exchange of specialists, sabbatical of experts from both countries for placement in research and education centres and organization of joint conferences on various themes to alert Pakistan citizenry and government, through media to learn from Malaysian experience," he said.
"The sectors in which the centre would work in collaboration with Malaysia are health, education, economic development, trade, media, film production and peaceful and sustainable governance," Dilshad said. 
"Pakistan should benefit the experience of Malaysia in Electoral System," he said. Dato Lim Siow Jin appreciated the idea and offered all his support to work on this noble cause.
Sheikh Rashid Alam, President South NDF and Sohail Kisat, President National Democratic Foundation, expressed their gratitude to Dato Lim Siow Jin on behalf of NDF for visiting Pakistan and particularly giving the opportunity of meeting with the NDF Council of Advisors and friends of NDF. 
Sohail Kisat said that it is important to learn from the experiences of Malaysia and there are opportunities for investment, trade, media and film production as means for learning from Malaysian experience. The Council of Advisors of NDF designated Sohail Kisat as President, Malaysia-Pakistan Commonwealth Development Centre. - NNI