Fisheries need to be developed properly

KARACHI: Sindh Fisheries Minister Muhammad Ali Malkani while addressing the seminar on fisheries revitalization and blue economy - opportunities for Sindh's sustainable development and blue growth organised by Sindh Livestock and Fisheries Department at a local hotel here Thursday said that fisheries is a gift of Allah, hence it needs to developed properly to ensure food for growing population and to be conserved in order to sustained the nature. He said that there are numbers of areas to be identified which require preparation of strategies and action plans in order to enhance fisheries potential. It has been recognised that besides climate change, human triggered actions have been posed serious impact on fisheries resources leaving either declining in fish stocks or affecting biodiversity and ecosystem. He further said that as a consequence, it has shown a severe impact on food security and has turned down the socioeconomic status of the deprived fishermen community. The Minister Fisheries thanked the World Bank for providing better opportunity and assistance for the revival of fisheries in Sindh. He hoped that such partnership and cooperation shall be sustained and scale up in the future. He also praised the role and efforts of the department to chair the occasion jointly by the assistance of World Bank for sustainable development in fisheries sector. The Secretary Livestock and Fisheries Ghulam Hussain Memon has also addressing the gathering and said that fisheries is an important source of animal protein and food security and has been neglected by the donor agencies, therefore any assistance by the world bank for the revival and development of this sector will highly be appreciated. It is time to work on comprehensive management plans to revive the fisheries resources. He wished that successful dialogue and deliberations and fervently hope that this workshop will generate valuable in puts towards addressing developmental plan for the sustainability of fisheries sector in Sindh. Senior Economist World Bank Pawan Patil and DG Fisheries Ghulam Muhammad Mahar also gave detailed presentation and overview on blue economy and fisheries revitalization challenges and opportunities in the workshop. Representatives of World Bank, many organization and fisheries related person and students faculty members of American Soyaben Association, PFF Chairman Muhammad Ali Shah, Marine Biology Department, KU, University of Sindh, Pakistan Fisheries Exporters Association, FAO, UN, Seafood and Fish Meal, KFHA, Coastal and Date Line, NIOG, Marine Fisheries Ports and Shipping etc. also participated in 7 group discussions over the topic and gave their valuable inputs in this regard.