Govt cannot be allowed to ruin multinationals

ISLAMABAD: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the government could not be allowed to ruin the small business of the common people only to please the multinational companies.
He was talking to the media after a meeting with a delegation of the Punjab Chemist Retailers Association, which called on him at Mansoora, to express their serious reservations in regard to the Drugs Act of 1970. The 25 member delegation included the Association president Ishaq Mayo and General Secretary Ghulam Murataza.
Sirajul Haq said that the medical stores running for the last fifty years were being closed and there was a calculated attempt to allow a few chosen people have monopoly in the business of drugs and medicines. He said there was already a monopoly of a few families in the business of sugar, iron and steel, poultry and fertilizer and certain elements were keen to control the field of pharmacy but it would be sheer injustice.
The JI chief said there were no two opinions that those trading in spurious drugs must be dealt with an iron hand as they did not deserve any leniency. However, he said, there was no justification in closing down around two lakh medical stores at the bidding of the multinational companies and depriving three hundred million of their livelihood.
The JI chief said the best way to control spurious drugs and medicines was to stop the supply of raw materials and expired material by the multinational companies to the pharmaceutical companies. He also demanded an enquiry into the allegation of the Chemist Retailers Association that the government was charging Rs 20 million extortion in the name of License Fee only for opening A category medical store. - NNI