Exports figures for Aug 2017 incorrect, says Bilwani

ISLAMABAD: Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, has expressed great concern over the official statistics of Trade issued by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) for the month of August 2017 published in all newspapers Tuesday wherein the figure of exports for the month of August, 2017 was incorrect.
PBS quoted the figure of Exports of August, 2017 to be 2,069 million dollars in dollar term which is incorrect. On the other side, they quoted that the exports of August in Pak Rupees were Rs.196,454 million.
If we convert Rs.196,454 million to dollars with exchange rate of Rs.105.3079, the correct figure comes to US $ 1,866 instead of $2,069. The corrected figure reflects an increase of 14.41 percent month-on-month and 12.89 percent on year-on-year basis.
Bilwani added that such careless working of PBS is in no way tolerable because all government and private sector planning depend on these statistics. The purpose of publishing such exaggerated exports statistics is nothing like productive but to mislead the nation which needs to be looked into seriously.
The Monthly Summary of August, 2017 on Foreign Trade Statistics - Export and Import of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released on 11th September, 2017 after 11 days and after inordinate delays such mistakes / errors make no sense at all. However, monthly statement of exports of selected commodities has been released by PBS after 20 days.
Further, in view of the electronic age that all the monthly Export and Import Statistics should be provided within 24 hours at the end of the month on the website of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics which can be seen and we are confident this will surely be in the best interest of the exports and economy of our nation. - NNI