PC's official records not damaged in Markaz Fire

ISLAMABAD: Privatisation Commission would like to clarify the position in response to the news item published in the segments of print and electronic media on 11 September 2017, stating that in Awami Markaz Fire incident, 'a part of the Privatization Commission's record was also burnt'. 
According to the press release, it is said, "We take this opportunity to clarify that Privatisation Commission had no official record in the Awami Markaz Building and no damage whatsoever, has occurred to its record during the unfortunate incident."
It is also stated that Staff of the Privatisation Commission remained alert during the incident for safety of their building and official record. As soon as the fire erupted in the adjacent building, electricity and gas connections in the Privatisation Commission were shut down to avoid any damage to the building. The officials of Privatisation Commission also communicated the occurrence of incident to relevant officials in other offices for necessary preparation. Privatisation Commission was cognizant of the emergency situation and had prepared for safety of their official record during the event. -NNI