Relation with India can't improve until Kashmir resolution

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Thursday said that Pakistan's relation with India cannot improve until the Kashmir issue is resolved.
"The violation of international law by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and human right violations need to be condemned by the civilized world," he said while talking to Canadian High Commissioner Perry John Calderwood at Parliament House in Islamabad.
Both sides agreed to further boost parliamentary linkages to mutually benefit from social, cultural and economic prospects in both the countries. 
Mian Raza Rabbani said, "Pakistan and Canada have increased the bilateral trade and economic cooperation recently but there is huge potential to promote it further. Both the countries have supported with each other on international fora particularly during the parliamentary interactions."  
He said, "Pakistan is a diversified country with bright economic prospects and places its mutual relations with Canada at high esteem and desires to further expand these ties in different sectors."
Both the sides agreed to utilize parliamentary friendship groups and reciprocate by devising modalities for enhancing cooperation and sharing experiences.  He also emphasized the need for further cooperation in various sectors along with promoting people to people contacts for better understanding to bring both the countries further closer to each other.
Mian Raza Rabbani said, "Pakistan appreciate the measures of the Canadian government for taking good care of the Pakistanis and expect the other countries of the Western world to follow the Canadian example."  
He said that he is strong believer in the parliamentary diplomacy as it has added advantage to improve the relations among the nations, where bureaucratic interactions are bogged down.  
He said, "Pakistan look forward for close and friendly relations with Iran and Afghanistan.  Recent visit of a parliamentary delegation headed by Speaker National Assembly and participated by the parliamentarians from both the Houses have contributed to this effect." - NNI