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Ban imposed on Shuhada Foundation of Lal Masjid2017/06/24
Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD: The federal capital's administration on Friday imposed a ban on all political and religious activities by Lal Masjid's Shuhada Foundation, declaring it an "unregistered entity".
Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad had received an application for a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Shuhada Foundation for a ceremony to be held in remembrance of the 'martyrs' of the military crackdown on Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa on July 7.
Responding to the request, the DC Islamabad's office released a notification rejecting not only the said application, but also disallowing the foundation from conducting any political or religious activities owing to it not being registered with any state entity.
The notification, signed by an additional district magistrate, has warned the foundation against violating the order, which could lead to "strict legal action". 
Lal Masjid is registered with Auqaf and is therefore allowed only worship-related activities, the notification stated.
Rejecting the notification, the Shuhada Foundation said that it will go on with the event as planned, insisting that the foundation was a registered entity. 
It also accused the government of "deceiving the public" on the matter. It, however, did not comment on which entity the foundation was registered with.
The Foundation has also called a meeting after Eidul Fitr to determine a plan of action following the ban on its activities. 
It has claimed that it is being "victimised", since all other religious and political parties are allowed to hold such events while only they are being prohibited from doing so.
Copies of the administration's notification have been forwarded to capital police officials and the personal secretary to the federal interior minister. 
Annual commemorative events have been organised by the Shuhada Foundation in the past; however, since the PML-N government took charge in 2013, it has not been allowed to conduct these events.

An illuminated view of Faisal Masjid decorated with colourful lights2017/06/24
ISLAMABAD: An illuminated view of Faisal Masjid decorated with colourful lights to mark the 27th of holy fasting month of Ramzanul Mubarak. - APP

SC to indict Nehal Hashmi on July 102017/06/24
ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) on Friday decided to indict the beleaguered leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on July 10 in a suo moto case filed following his verbal onslaught against the judiciary and Panama JIT members.
During the hearing of the case, SC expressed displeasure over Nehal Hashmi's absence from the hearing. The court rejected plea to halt military action against Hashmi and termed his behaviour 'inappropriate.'
Nehal Hashmi's lawyer Advocate Hashmat Habib told court that his client has departed to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and a reply has been submitted on his behalf. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed expressed displeasure and remarked that he should have sought court's permission before going.
The lawyer told court that police tried to arrest Nehal Hashmi's son whereas the military case is causing problems for his family.
The judge said, "Military trial has no relation with contempt of court." He warned Nehal Hashmi to be careful in future as the court is providing him respite from appearance only for the present day. - NNI

Mosque of Muhammad Ali: Cairo's prestige2017/06/24
CAIRO: The 18th century Mosque of Muhammad Ali is a symbol of Cairo s prestige and glory and is one of the most renowned spots for tourists visiting Egypt.
The mosque is an integral part of Cairo s skyline and anyone entering the city gets a striking view of the mosque sitting atop the Citadel of Cairo; its high location adding to its grandeur.
The mosque was commissioned two centuries ago by Muhammad Ali Pasha, an Ottoman military commander who ruled the territory which is now Egypt. Construction of the mosque was started in 1830 and the mosque reached completion in after almost two decades in 1848. 
According to Egyptian tourist websites, the mosque was built on the pattern of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The claim seems true considering the fact that the Mosque of Muhammad Ali shares similarities to Byzantine architecture like the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, whose architecture is influenced by western architecture and is extremely similar to the famous Byzantine church, the Hagia Sophia.
The mosque s architecture is atypical in the sense that it is not surrounded by four minarets that mosques usually are. It has slender, eighty metres high, cone shaped minarets at the back, with smaller minarets at the front and surrounding the domes.
The central hall of the mosque is adorned with a multiplicity of small lamps hanging from the ceiling, which provide an enthralling view inside the main prayer hall.
The mosque's minbar, mihrab and walls with delicate their engravings portray the skill and mastery of the craftsmen who worked on this mosque. The walls of the mosque are paneled with Alabaster. The capital (top part) of the columns in the mosque's courtyard are seemingly influenced from Greek and Roman architecture.
The mosque was underwent renovation between 1937 and 1939. It currently has the capacity to hold 10,000 worshippers. - NNI

All entities cooperating with JIT: Musadik2017/06/24
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister's Spokesman Dr Musadik Malik has said all national institutions are cooperating with the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing Panama Papers case.
Talking to a news channel he said, "Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership has not put pressure on any institution for the sake of personal interests ...

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