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Microsoft collaborates with UNDP for youth-development2017/10/17
Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Microsoft Pakistan, a global leader in technology and innovation, has recently signed anMoU in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The primary objective of this partnership is to complement each other's efforts to benefit the youth of Pakistan as well as the broader community ...

Turkmenistan envoy calls on Pm Abbasi2017/10/17
Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Turkmenistanto Pakistan HatadjanNurlyevichMovlamovpaid a courtesy call on Prime Minister ShahidKhaqanAbbasi yesterday at the Prime Minister's Office.
The Prime Minister noted that Pakistan and Turkmenistan traditionally enjoy close, cordial relations marked by trust and understanding ...

US envoy grieved over martyrdom of FC men2017/10/17
Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale on Monday expressed grief over martyrdom of four Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel in a roadside blast in Kurram Agency near the Pak-Afghan border.
While commending Pakistan Army for rescuing U ...

Constituencies to be revised under new Census: ECP2017/10/17
Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) secretary has said that fresh electoral rolls would be prepared for the next elections in line with the results of the latest census.
"The next elections will be conducted after constituencies are revised in accordance with the new census," Babar Yaqoob told the participants of a seminar here yesterday.
He noted that it was a constitutional requirement that this process was carried out before the general elections next year now that had been conducted.
Yaqoob maintained that the ECP was much more empowered now, and its authority even exceeded further than that of the election commission of India.
He pointed out that in India elections were not conducted as per the whims of the military or judiciary.
"The election commissioner [in India] has the final word and all parties respect that decision," he added.
However, Yaqoob said the ECP was now satisfied with the powers and resources it had been recently been given.
He added that the electoral reforms law was a step in the right direction and the ECP could act independently instead of taking orders from the government.
Speaking on the problems being faced by the ECP, the secretary said apart from two political parties, no other had bothered to respond to the commission's letter on the registration of 10 million female voters.
"The fact that 10 million female voters of the country are unregistered is our national failure," he remarked.
"It's unfortunate that political leaderships aren't taking this issue seriously."

Pakistan wins UNGA Human Rights Council polls2017/10/17

NEW YORK: Pakistan has won the Human Rights Council election in the United Nations General Assembly by more than two thirds vote, Pakistan's Representative to UN announced on Monday.
"Pakistan is humbled by and grateful for the overwhelming support it received from the world community," Lodhi said in a statement ...

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