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Murad approves Rs650mn Sunset Boulevard flyover2017/08/21
KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has approved Rs650 million for construction of Flyover at Sunset Boulevard and today he visited the area to identify the alternate traffic route so that work could be started on the schemes.
He accompanied by Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro, Chairman P&D Mohammad Waseem and Principal Secretary to CM Sohail Rajput visited on-going different roads schemes right from Metropole to Port Qasim.
Talking to media he said that he has inspected all the roads constructed so far and the flyover over at Manzil Pump and Underpass at Drigh Road from the experts of the NED University. "I am fully satisfied with the quality of work, but oh yes! I am not satisfied with the pace of work," he said. He went on saying that the purpose of his visit to push the contractors and concerned engineers to speed up the work. "You have to finish it at the earliest because I am going to launch phase-II of the Karachi Package of Rs12 billion," he said.
He said that he was quite worried about the growing incidents of attacks on policemen. "But we have identified gang involved in targeted killing [of policemen] and Inshallah you would receive a good news of bursting the gang shortly," he said.
The chief minister said that the city of Karachi is most beautiful but its beauty has faded away when focus was diverted towards elimination of terrorists, extortionist and target killers. "The government gave special attention to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the city just after crushing the terrorists," he said and added "now, the government is focusing on the stability of the peace in the city," he said.
Earlier, the chief minister started his visit to inspect the under-construction roads and underpass. He started from Metropole where work is yet to be started. On Shahrah-i-Faisal he stopped at Malir section where construction of the road is going on since long. "I want to you [engineers] complete this section of the road- it is causing serious problems for the smooth flow traffic," he directed the concerned engineer.
When the chief minister crossed the Manzil pump he got down from his vehicle and inspected the work on the footpaths being constructed along the road leading to Thatta. He expressed his displeasure on the slow pace of work and directed the Secretary Works to get it time within next 10 days.
On the national highway at Port Qasim the chief minister asked the concerned engineer why had constructed a wide squarely spread round about at the turning of Port Qasim. They told the chief minister that long vehicles get turning from the roundabout that's why it has kept wide. The chief minister did not satisfy with the reply and directed the concerned engineer to call people from traffic engineering bureau and get their advice. 
The chief minister returned from Port Qasim back to Shahrarh-i-Faisal and opposite STAR gate he inspected under construction storm water drain along the road. He directed Minister Local government to get it done as soon as possible.
On his last leg visit he went to Sunset Boulevard where he stopped and through google maps he traced on his Ipad marked alternate route for traffic to be diverted with the construction of flyover on Sunset Boulevard for the traffic coming from Submarine Chorwangi and Gizri.
The Chairman P&D Mohammad Waseem told the chief minister that the flyover scheme has been approved by him at a cost of Rs650 million. The scheme is approved just the PD Karachi package has to start the scheme.
The chief minister also visited under construction underpass at Submarine Chowrangi where Jam Khan SHoro, the local government minister briefed him about the progress of the work. He told the chief minister that the quality of work has been maintained and the scheme was taking time in completion because of heavy traffic volume the whole day.
The chief minister told the media that the quality of work being carried out by KMC was not good. "I have released all their [KMC] funds allocated for their development schemes, just I would like to urge them to use the funds sagaciously," he said.
Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that leading world scientist like Albert Einstien and Stephen Hawking were not normal. 
The former had speech problem and the latter is crippled but both turned to be most useful persons in the world.
This he said while addressing the inauguration Ceremony of Multidisciplinary Paediatric Rehab Services Department (MPRSD) of Dow University of Health Sciences at Dow University today.  He was accompanied by Health Minister Dr Sikandar Mendhro, Secretary Health Dr Fazal Pechuho and his Principal Secretary Sohail Rajput.
The chief minister said that the success stories of Einstien and Hawking are enough to learn that the differently-abled (special) children could be made useful for the society with proper coaching, care, treatment and rehabilitation. "This depends on the society, particularly on their parents how they are rehabilitating their differently-abled children," he said and added "We can make Einstien and Kawking out them," he said.
He said that he has declared emergency in health and education sectors and has also empowered concerned ministers and secretaries to take important decisions for delivery of services. "I am not that kind of persons who centralize powers with them but my cabinet members and provincial secretaries have enough powers to run their departments independently," he said.
He said that he was ready to establish such rehabilitation in all district headquarters hospitals, particularly the Seattleite of MPRSD of the Dow. "You have the expertise, the spirit to serve the children and experience to run such centers, therefore I am ready to establish such centers just you give me go ahead," he asked.
Syed Murad Ali Shah said that funds were not issue for him but the issue is proper and sagacious usage of funds. "If you come over I am ready to provide you adequate funds for such services of rehabilitation," he said.
Talking about plight of the area, the chief minister said that he was feeling sorry to see the plight of the area where Down University has established its rehabilitation center. "The roads of the area are dilapidated; piles of domestic filth and garbage are lying here and there. Encroachments have emerged in the area," he deplored but vowed the area would be rehabilitated by reconstructing the roads, removing encroachments and cleaning the areas. "This is the area where I was born and spent my early life on M.A Jinnah road. I would retore its past glories," the chief minister said. 
Professor Nabeela Soomro head of the department briefing the chief minister about Multidisciplinary Services for Children with Autism at Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dow University of Health Sciences, said in Pakistan, approximately 10 percent of our population is facing disabilities and this number is increasing due to different health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, pre-mature births poor antenatal, natal, postnatal care, bomb blasts, earth quakes, traffic accident, violence and congenital abnormalities.
Almost in all the developed countries their hospitals have Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, even our neighboring countries have multiple rehabilitation institutes in their medical universities and tertiary care hospitals catering to the multidisciplinary rehabilitation management of disabled sector of the society.
Dr Soomro said that in Pakistan, work in rehabilitation medicine is nascent. The DUHS has the honour to be the first civilian institute in Pakistan offering multidisciplinary rehabilitation services from 2007. The patients coming for multidisciplinary rehabilitation to the institute are stroke, spinal cord injury, post-polio, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiological disorders, language, swallowing & audiological disorders, autism, myopathies, neuropathies, amputees and other disabilities.
Currently autism is on the rise not only in our country but also globally.  Tt is a neurological developmental disorder characterized by deficits in communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder identified is One in 68 in United States. In Pakistan although statistics of children with autism is not available but the number of cases reported both in public and private sector indicate a rapid increase of this condition in our country.
Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation took the initiative of opening up the first Autism unit that would provide multidisciplinary rehabilitation services to children with autism. The team that works at the autism unit includes physiatrist, neurophysiologist, autism specialist, speech therapist, occupational therapists, special educators, art therapist, computer trainer and sports trainer. 
The services that are offered at the autism unit include screening by physiatrist, speech therapy sessions, behavior management session, academic management programs, computer classes, special education, vocational training, art therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy, and parents' training programs.
These services can be availed by children from all sections of the society due to its Zakat Packages and nominal charges. Currently 150 Children are enrolled but many still wait on the waiting list indicating that more similar units are required.
Those who spoke on the occasion include Vice Chancellor DUHS Dr Saeed Qureshi, Dr Irum Rizwan, Prof Khawar Saeed Jamali and others.
The chief minister visited different rehabilitation wards and met with the children being rehabilitated. He appreciated the work being done at the center. A tableau was also presented by the differently abled children. - NNI

Bandits kidnap 8 cops in Rajanpur2017/08/21
RAJANPUR: Bandits affiliated with Attaullah Gang has abducted eight police personnel in Katcha area of the district while they were patrolling the area Sunday.
The gang has demanded immediate release of its detained associates against the abducted cops.
As per reports, the members of Attaullah Gang attacked a police outpost with heavy weapons, triggering exchange of fire, however, later the armed assailants captured as many as eight policemen, police sources said ...

Gen Zubair given briefing during visit to NESCOM2017/08/21
RAWALPINDI: Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC) Chairman, General Zubair Mahmood Hayat visited National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM).
The chairman was briefed on various projects being undertaken by NESCOM.
He expressed satisfaction over the development and progress of various strategic systems and capabilities ...

Nawaz to leave for London on August 242017/08/21

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will leave for London on 24th August for his medical checkup. 
This is Sharif's first visit to London after his removal from power by the Supreme Court after months of hearings on corruption charges against Sharif family ...

FTA talks to boost Pak exports under way2017/08/21
ISLAMABAD: The Government has taken a number of steps to enhance the country's exports.
According to official sources, over six billion rupees have been allocated in the current financial year to facilitate exporters under the Textile Policy 2014-2019.
Efforts are also being undertaken including Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Turkey, Thailand and Iran to get access for Pakistani products in the potential markets.  A joint research study to assess the potential for a preferential arrangement with Korea is also underway.
Various export promotional activities like trade exhibitions are organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to promote exports to new markets.
The sales tax zero-rating regime for five export oriented sectors including textile, leather, carpets, surgical and sports goods has been introduced.
In order to counter the import surge through unfair trade and strengthen trade defence mechanisms, National Tariff Commission Act has been revamped. - NNI

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