100 years of Mama Parsi Girls High School


Maria Adil

The Mama Parsi School is celebrating its 100th Birthday on 1st April, 2018. In the year1918 Mr. Jamshed Nusserwanjee Metha, had collected three donation to establish the school.

Construction of the present building the Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School started on 17th January 1920 and was completed on 26th January 1925. Before the building was constructed the school functioned in the Bai Virbaijee School from where it was shifted in June 1919 to a large building which stands today at the corner of Haji Abdullah Haroon Roads. This building was known as the Mama Mansion.

Even after Passing 100 years.The School maintains the quality education, discipline, cleanliness that build up confidence in the students learning here. The School contains the House System, introduced in 1943.

The purpose of this setup was to cultivate the sense of contribution, leadership skills, team building and community living among pupils both through academic and co-curricular activities.

The school has a talent show every year after the mid-term examination for building student’s confidence (The school celebrates Milad-un-Nabi every fifth year) The school band gives the mamaians a rare chance to learn the instruments. Over the years mamaians have not just made names for themselves in the world of academics but also dominated in sports. Discipline in the school is very important like education. In the school the senior girls are thrusted upon with special responsibilities.

Comparing with others so called English Medium Schools. The Mama Parsi has maintained its level of English throughout. A below average mamaian can write far better English than the topper of a so called English Medium School. Specialty about the Mama Parsi Girls High School is that every year it takes the children to excursion trips to buildup knowledge and made them to take part in activities, not only within the city but also insider and out of Pakistan.The school is striving hard to produce confident educated young women so that Quaid-e-Azam’s quote may be fulfilled as he had said, ” Give me educated woman I will give you a great Nation”

The writer is a student of Class VII,
The Mama Parsi School, Karachi.