Near Sindh’s Nooriabad town 17 flood-hit people killed in bus inferno


Near Sindh’s Nooriabad town 17 flood-hit people killed in bus inferno

HYDERABAD: On Wednesday, an air-conditioned coach that was passing by the Nooriabad police station caught fire, killing at least 17 passengers, 13 of whom were children.

The deceased, who belonged to the same family, had relocated to Karachi from Khairpur Nathan Shah in Dadu district in August after flooding devastated the neighbourhood.

When their coach’s air conditioning system developed a problem and caused a fire to start, the group was returning to the town after hearing that the floodwaters had subsided (LRT 4707).

Rescue efforts were under way, according to the police. Firefighters arrived at the tragic scene quickly to put out the flames. To aid in the rescue efforts, residents of nearby towns gathered as well.

Upon learning of receding waters, the family was on their way home.

13 of the 17 recovered bodies were children, according to DSP Nooriabad Wajid Thaheem, who confirmed the information to Dawn. Two men and as many women were among the other dead.

SHO in Nooriabad 15 passengers with minor injuries were reportedly transported to hospitals in Nooriabad, Kotri, and Liaquat University Hospital in Jamshoro, according to Hashim Brohi.

The deceased, according to another report, were Larkana locals.

The deceased belonged to the Mughairi community, and SSP Jamshoro Javed Baloch claims they were returning to Khairpur Nathan Shah after hearing that the floodwaters had subsided in their area.

To help with rescue and relief efforts, Edhi volunteers flocked to the scene. Some passengers, it was discovered, were able to break the bus’s windows and jump out. However, their number was unknown.

The deputy commissioner of Jamshoro was instructed to submit a thorough report of the incident by Sindh Chief Secretary Dr. Mohammad Sohail Rajput.

Additionally, a report from the transport secretary regarding the coach’s suitability has been requested.

This report also included contributions from Qurban Ali Khushik in Dadu.