Lebanon says Israeli gunboats violated its territorial waters


Lebanon says Israeli gunboats violated its territorial waters

AMMAN: The Lebanese army said on Sunday that Israeli gunboats had repeatedly invaded Lebanese territorial waters on Saturday in a region along the boundary between the two nations, across from Ras Naqura. Israel disputed the claim.

In four instances, according to the statement, gunboats invaded Lebanese seas by several hundred metres. The authorities were talking with a United Nations temporary force about these transgressions.

There “was no crossing of the Lebanese maritime boundary,” according to an Israeli military statement.

Israel and Lebanon indicated last week that they were in favour of a pact that Washington had mediated outlining each country’s maritime rights.

In addition to ending decades of conflict and enmity, the accord, which has been lauded as a historic victory by all three sides, would pave the way for offshore oil development.

Israel has long been accused by Lebanon of invading its airspace while conducting surveillance using drones and fighter aircraft.