US confident about Pakistan’s nuclear assets ability to secure


US confident of Pakistan’s ability to secure nuclear assets

According to the United States, Pakistan is capable of protecting its nuclear assets and is committed to doing so.

Shortly after a meeting between Counselor Derek Chollet, a senior policy adviser to the US Secretary of State, and Masood Khan, the Pakistani ambassador to the United States, Principal Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department Vedant Patel made the statement.

Vedant Patel responded to a question at the State Department’s daily press briefing by saying that the US has always seen a stable and prosperous Pakistan as essential to its interests.

The spokesperson said that the two nations have a solid alliance and that Pakistan and the United States have a long history of collaboration.

He highlighted previous high-level visits on both sides, including those of Samantha Power, Administrator of USAID, and Derek Chollet to Pakistan and the visit of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, to the United States.

The representative said that this is a connection that we value much and in which we are seriously invested.

After President Joe Biden questioned the security of Islamabad’s nuclear programme five days before, a statement was made.

After the meeting, Counselor Chollet tweeted that he had met with Ambassador Masood Khan to discuss the long-standing partnership between the United States and Pakistan and how to strengthen our ties in a variety of sectors for the benefit of our peoples and the region. Ambassador Masood Khan thanked Counselor Chollet for his constructive role and stated that they had discussed how to further r

Masood Khan expressed optimism that bilateral ties will continue to be strengthened via high-level visits, interpersonal interactions, and effective communication.