India will not travel to Pakistan for Big Asia Cup next year


4. India will not travel to Pakistan for Asia Cup next year 

According to the secretary of the Indian Cricket Board, a neutral location will host the tournament, which is set to take place in Pakistan. According to the president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the Indian cricket team won’t be travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup next year.

The tournament will take place at a neutral location, according to Jay Shah, who is also the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

After a BCCI annual general meeting, Shah told the media, “The Asia Cup 2023 will be held at a neutral venue. “The government determines whether our team may travel to Pakistan, so we won’t comment on that. However, it has been decided that the 2023 Asia Cup will be held at a neutral location.

“I am stating this as President of the ACC. They cannot come here, and neither can we [India]. The Asia Cup has historically taken place at a neutral site.

The ACC has not made any official statements.

Since 2012, Pakistan and India have not participated in a bilateral series. The last time Pakistan visited India was for the T20 World Cup in 2016, and the last time India visited Pakistan was for the Asia Cup in 2008. Their most recent Test series matchup took place in 2007.

The most recent match between Pakistan and India took place at the United Arab Emirates-hosted Asia Cup this year.

On October 23, the teams are scheduled to play their opening T20 World Cup game in Melbourne.

Matches between the two, who have fought four wars since gaining independence from British rule in 1947, ignite great fervour but also diffuse military tensions.