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5 weird disorders you probably didn’t know about

Source: ABC

There are probably many mental disorders in the world, some we know about, and some we aren’t aware of depending on their prevalence and popularity. Here are some disorders I’m pretty sure you have not heard of.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Nope, you read that right. Walking Corpse Syndrome, AKA Cotard’s Syndrome is exactly what the name implies. People with this syndrome believe themselves to be dead, or that they do not exist. This syndrome is often linked with other mental illnesses including depression and drug induced psychosis.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Not as freaky as the first one, but is equally shocking to know that this exists. People affected with foreign accent syndrome wake up speaking in a foreign accent. This condition may last for hours or can even become permanent. People with this Syndrome have often suffered head trauma or brain injuries, resulting in this condition.


People affected with this condition have a firm belief that there is something wrong with them and excessively worry about having a serious illness. Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5) no longer recognizes hypochondriasis as a disorder, rather patients suffering from this condition have illness anxiety disorder.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This disorder is a neurological sleep disorder characterized by a constant urge to move one’s legs. The impulse and itch to move their legs is often increased when placed in inactivity.


Again, it is exactly what it sounds like. People with self-cannibalism disorder have the compulsion to consume their own body parts in a rare condition called autosarcophagy. They exhibit self-mutilating behavior and doctors often have to remove their teeth to avoid them harming themselves.