$50bn Palestine economic plan

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law launched a much-awaited Middle East push with a two-day conference in Bahrain. The Palestinian Authority boycotted the plan accusing Trump of imposing political solutions and disregarding basic issue of Israeli occupation. Trump has taken a line of recorded steps to profit Israel including recognizing sharply divided Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s capital in 2017.The Trump government has indicated its political plan will not say about a Palestinian state. The “Peace to Prosperity” plans a target of creating one million new Palestinian jobs through $50 billion of investment in infrastructure, tourism and education in the Arab neighbours. Tax revenue is being in a conflict with Israel, which has stopped the Gaza Strip for more than a ten year owing to the Islamist movement Hamas’ leadership and power stricken territory. The Palestinian problem was very much significant for the oil-wealthy kingdom Saudi Arabia, which would support whole heartedly that, brings welfare to this region. Arab politicians criticized President Donald Trump’s Middle East $50 billion economic plan but some in the Gulf States called for it to be given an opportunity. The Palestinian envisages a global investment fund to lift the Palestinian and neighbouring Arab economies, and is part of stronger efforts to revitalize the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. From Sudan to Kuwait, experts and common citizens condemned Kushner’s proposals as huge waste of time. Egyptian liberal and leftist parties said it is an effort to legalize occupation of Arab land and any Arab participation would obstruct limits of normalization with Israel. The Palestinian Authority said only a political solution will solve the problem. This is an effort to buy off Palestinians into accepting Israeli occupation. Analysts think that Kushner’s economic plan is an effort to bribe opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. After Israel’s creation in 1948, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon welcomed the most Palestinian refugees, with some guesses that they now numbered around five million. Some Muslim scholars in the region, who gathered well-known opinion in support of the Palestinians, were mostly silent after the plan was released. The conference that was presumed to offer a new way out of the discomfort of the Israel/Palestine battle provided little of the kind. Ramallah and Gaza, showed very little keenness the Trump administration’s suggestions. Being in Israel, local media minimized the gathering and did nothing to accelerate anticipations.
The $ 50 billion fund for Palestinians was considered as disgraceful bribe. No-one wanted to talk about it in Manama. The Trump Administration should be reliable to deliver an equitable peace, if and when a political extent comes around. The present US administration has been overall supportive of the Israeli time table and frankly uninterested of the Palestinians. The internationally agreed formula of a two-state solution was not there. The Arab initiative for a two-state solution does not mean the last is dead, Ramallah and across the region were quick to draw that conclusion. The US had withdrawn humanitarian aid funding, closed its missions in the West Bank and Gaza, and fired its diplomats from Washington. Its economy has weakened; political buildings broken down and the rule of law across the territories go on to be examined. The Palestinians are in no mood to negotiate, even if they were forced to. Senior adviser to the US president discusses Trump’s plan for economic growth and peace in the Middle East. There are worries that the American side is using money to bribe the Palestinians.
The first economic stage of the deal hopes to obtain $50billion in investment, money that principally is anticipated to come from other Arab nations, and the Gulf States. Participants of the Manama meeting will deliberate projects and conditions for investments in more detail. Based on the result of this meeting, the next step would be to design a political settlement that would explain financial promise into fact on the ground in Palestine. Palestinians have said that “economy first” approach that is destined to fail. The Palestinian Authority is debating for a political settlement first and money afterward. They are demanding a Palestinian state; end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, and permitting refugees to return. Palestinian leaders boycotted the June 25 and 26 workshop, saying two-state solution, is an attempt by the US administration to destroy the Palestinian cause. There are cries who accuse the other of having no interest in peace. But that peace needs to come from settlement and negotiation. Both Hamas and Fatah have been united for a just political settlement that seeks to establish a feasible Palestinian state. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said a political solution to the Palestine question must stay ahead all other matters. The Palestinians should be praised for opposing the high pressure being applied by the US.

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