A job well done

The country is proud of your diplomacy, efforts towards peace, and stand taken on the core issue of Kashmir. You have done what others failed to achieve in 72 years. There is a well known saying “God helps those who help themselves”. You came, you faced and you conquered. Could any one would believe that United Nations Security Council members shall ever meet to discuss the critical situation in Indian occupied Kashmir on the request of Pakistan and China due to the latest action taken by Indian government in revoking article 370 and 35-A depriving Kashmiris of special status of Jammu & Kashmir guaranteed under the Indian constitution.Pakistan government and our permanent representatives in United Nations have been highlighting this core issue of Kashmir but UN remained unmoved, it is after five decades that UNSC has woken up from deep slumber and first time acknowledged that Kashmir is really a burning issue and it can no more be shelved. UNSC first time irrevocably has made very clear statement that India’s stance that it was their internal issue outrightly rejected it and agreed that it was an international issue, direct slap on the face of India
UN has all along been ignoring Pakistan’s requests to intervene and implement UN resolution on Kashmir, they never gave any importance to us. The mere fact that UNSC has called special meeting is recognition of Kashmiris struggle and Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir since independence and also negates the claim of India that Kashmir is their Atoot Aang. This meeting is ample proof that Kashmir is internationally recognised issue and no one can change its status. China has equally expressed its concern over the grave violation of human rights in the valley. Since 5 August 2019 the entire valley is under curfew and people are cut off from rest of the world by denying them all means of communications.
Modi has done great favour to Pakistan by doing this illegal act that attracted the world body that has always been reluctant to move on core issue of Kashmir. Now UNSC has stamped that Kashmir is internationally recognised a disputed territory and has asked both parties to maintain calm.
On this grand success by the government and personal efforts of Prime Minister, this has brought great shock to enemies of Pakistan in the country as well those who are living in exile. What a shameful conduct they are displaying, gradually they have lost their credibility and soon shall dissipate in the air.Apprehensions about war between the two countries, well we are always at war since independence and nothing new for Pakistan. Both nuclear countries with sufficient stock of nuclear war heads it would be stupid on any body’s part to think about triggering nuclear option. Pakistan has attained capability of hitting any city of India with latest missiles which are of higher characteristics as compared to India.
This would be pertinent to mention here latest threat by Indian Defence Minister to change its no first use meaning thereby exercising nuclear option. India first adopted a “No first use” (NFU) policy after its second nuclear tests, Pokhran II in 1998 . But on 10 Nov 2016 Indian defence minister questioned the NFU policy of India and said why India should bind itself when it is a responsible nuclear power. Keeping in view the tensions between the two countries Rajnath Singh India’s defence minister hinted on 16 August 2019 that New Delhi may change its NFU policy on nuclear weapons tantamount to threat to Pakistan. Pakistan has never taken seriously India’s NFU policy it was to gain some plus points by India with the international community. Both India and Pakistan use it as a deterrence against each other in real time it would never see the light of the day. When the house is on fire be it India or Pakistan the option remains open keeping in mind the ground realities. Some leaders do want to do away with NFU but question arises does it fit in their over all strategy, certainly not when US is putting pressure on all the nuclear states. We are prepared and can assume that India might use this option, announcement at this stage can be termed as point scoring for domestic consumption and give shut up call to opposition.
India’s announcement if getting away from NFU should be taken as signal by world powers that India is most irresponsible state and control of nuclear assets is now in the hands of extremist party and fundamentalists and be prepared to face any situation. Pakistan should exploit this situation to maximum comparing our responsible attitude and making no threats as India is doing. We are more responsible than any other nuclear state in the world.
The fact remains Pakistan has achieved what we could not achieve in 70 years, it was after five decades that UNSC called a special session of Security Council to discuss atrocities being committed by Indian troops after revoking article 370 and 35-A that gave special status to Kashmiris. The fact remains India is badly trapped itself due to its own stupidities. What an achievement of Imran Khan’s policy that has now internationalised Kashmir issue and has become talk of the world. It is time to congratulate the government and Prime Minister.
To achieve greater success the Prime Minister should immediately take on board all the political parties forgetting the all time differences because it is not PTI issue alone but country’s issue and without getting support of all the political parties, it is feared we may not end up in difficult position, to defeat enemy internal unity is if paramount importance.
Lastly, to say the truth Indians have been diplomatically defeated at the UN Headquarters at New York after many decades. This does not mean that we have won for its not our victory that we seek but the ultimate victory for the people of Kashmir.

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