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Afghanistan conundrum – only option stay neutral


The parleys between US and Taliban in Doha and it’s successful end was the result of Pakistan’s constructive role played in bringing Taliban and US at the negotiating table. A good diplomacy results in peace and not war. Since the beginning of the negotiations Afghan government the main stake holder was not included therefore it had to end in bigger mess. It was indeed a great successful end if negotiations when US announced its deadlines to leave the soil after 20 years and demanded safe exit and that was guaranteed by Taliban. US kept everything secret and abandoned their stronghold Bagram base in hours of darkness. After US departure from Afghanistan on 5 July 2021 our anchors, journalists and intellectuals are busy in suggesting as to what Pakistan should do instead applauding their role in adopting good diplomacy are offering different solutions including the funny ones. While doing so they feel that they are the only authority on the subject, little realising that there is a full fledgedMinistry of Foreign Affairs with most experienced professionals whose sole job is to shape the foreign policy keeping in view the current developments with an eye on future taking place in the world.
Undoubtedly Pakistan has played very prominent role in Afghanistan being our immediate neighbours. Our stated policy has been to settle political issues amicably, stability and economic development without compromising on principles. Pakistan wants peaceful transfer of power and is against using force and no activities of terrorists, and no dictation from anyone to form their own government. US was in the region for 20 years lacked trust in Pakistan and always harped the same old tune to Do more. Pakistan over the years has learnt good lesson and seems to be on right track as now we have no distinction of good Taliban and bad Taliban. General impression that is prevailing that we are supporting Taliban has weight in it. It was our influence that brought Taliban and US at the negotiating table and Trump was very rude when he used Lies and deceit for Pakistan altogether forgetting our sacrifices in men material and infrastructure.
On the other hand now Taliban are restless to take over Afghanistan by force and capture Kabul to remove Ashraf Ghani government. In fact our aim now should be to bring Afghan government and Taliban on the table and make them realise the benefits of negotiations. Undoubtedly we have soft corner for Taliban that cannot be denied but this is also a fact that we have now no influence on Taliban as they are moving fast towards success story. The obvious tilt of giving preference to India over Pakistan by Afghanistan is not only surprising but reflects overall attitude of Afghanistan government towards Pakistan. It is so unfortunate that when there was time to cut down their role we procrastinated and they kept expanding their network. Theoretically or otherwise India has no link with Afghanistan but it was mainly to have access to launch RAW agents in Pakistan to destabilise us. Hundreds of examples can be given where RAW has remained active in Baluchistan. It is very unfortunate Afghanistan in recent past has shown more hostility towards Pakistan at a time when Pakistan is looking after 3 million Afghan refugees since the withdrawal of soviets coupled with 9/11 drama staged by George Bush.
Be it Karazai or Ashraf Ghani both have been most unreasonable and joined hands with our number one enemy India to destabilise Pakistan. On the other hand Pakistan as usual preached peace and never retaliated. But, perhaps it was taken as our weakness. Pakistan went all the way to help Afghanistan so that there is no internal disorder because if anything happens in Afghanistan it’s ripples are felt here. Afghanistan’s all logistic needs and transportation of goods still pass through Pakistan and it is continuing uninterrupted and Pakistan shall continue to extend its fullest cooperation in the interest of regional harmony and peace but Ashraf Ghani never cooperated. He is deeply in hand with Modi Prime Minister of India. At present due to change in regional politics India is very close to Afghanistan as it is now only source of arm’s supply to Afghanistan. Afghan conflict is getting deeper and deeper each day, its time that Pakistan comes forward and collects all the stake holders and bring Taliban to talk to Afghan government so that conflict is brought to an end. Taking over of Afghanistan by Taliban by force means another war that will have terrible effect not only in Pakistan but in the entire region.
Pakistan has entered in to new block saying good bye to US to be part of any future war in the region, therefore Pakistan has to have firm control over Taliban’s activities from Pakistani soil and control activities of TTP. Pakistan should not become part of any action of Taliban where force is used to dislodge the sitting government. Under the circumstances when all options of reconciliation fail it would be better not to side anybody. Staying neutral will help improve our standing in the international world and will help remove the tag attached to us by the Western world that we side with and promote Talibans. Let the Afghan themselves decide what do they want and we should help encourage them in reaching their own well considered decision on the matter of their future.