Agent Provocateur: thy name is Nawaz Sharif

Agha Masood
Agha Masood Hussain

Former Interior Minister and PPP leader Rehman Malik has said in his press conference that the ousted dishonest Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has the backing of USA, Britain, India and Israel, hence he has developed immense confidence threatening the integrity of Pakistan. One thinks that every sensible Pakistani who matters know very well that how Nawaz Sharif all of a sudden has become so bold to challenge the military establishment had he not obtained prior assurances from his bosses in the USA and India.

It may be recollected here that when in power the ousted PM Nawaz Sharif had so much love and reverence for his Indian counterpart PM Modi that he invited him (the latter) to his house in Lahore wayback in 2015 along with some trusted frontline agents of RAW who during the meeting had assured Nawaz that they will extend him out-of-way support to consolidate his power, but in return they wanted strong trade and economic relations with Pakistan. The irony is that during the long conversation with the Indian PM, there was no mention of Kashmir issue, which has been the bone of contention between the two countries since the partition of the Subcontinent in 1947.

Even before Modi’s arrival in Pakistan without any permission or protocol as is the tradition in the relationship between the two countries, Mr Nawaz Sharif had gone to India to attend the oath- taking ceremony of his ‘yaar’ Mr Modi. And what was more significant of that visit was the fact that the former ousted PM was accompanied by his two sons whom he had introduced to the leading businessmen of India with a view to grabbing business opportunities to do business with the Indian counterparts. Seemingly that unprecedented move of Nawaz Sharif was not only uncalled for but also against the international protocol. For the sake of business, he openly flouted all the norms of diplomacy as he preferred pursuing business interests of his sons over national interest.

It is said that during his visit to India and subsequent meetings with Indian PM Mr Modi, Nawaz had even confided to the Indian PM that the main hurdle to promote business and political ties between the two Asian neighbors was the military establishment of Pakistan. Nawaz went the extent of even asking for the Indian hand in this connection, saying “I want to seek your cooperation in this regard.”

One feels at loss for words as to how to interpret this heinous anti-state move of the former PM, who while in the power corridors simply pursued the agenda of consolidating the ill-gotten wealth of his sons at the expense of the national interest.

In this backdrop, one would agree with former Senator, Constitution expert and PPP stalwart Aitzaz Ahsan who very rightly said that Nawaz Sharif and his daughter are maligning the image of Pak Army and Judiciary simply because he is acting as an agent to create chaos and confusion in Pakistan so that his illegal and ill-gotten wealth which he has amassed by challenging the writ of the state can be saved.

Meanwhile Nawaz’s damaging statement about the Mumbai attack in 2008, in which the former PM had insinuated that the non-state actors who had carried out the attacks in Mumbai were sponsored by the state of Pakistan, is a fresh attempt to malign the state institutions.

His statement that Pakistan had hatched the conspiracy by supporting non-state actors is totally false and out-rightly baseless. That’s why the ongoing furor over this anti-state statement which is aimed at maligning Pakistan at this crucial juncture of period when the country is passing through serious problems.

On the contrary, it was India who planned the Bombay operation in which more than 150 persons were killed. As a matter of fact, Ajmal Kasab and his gang of terrorists were recruited from different parts of Pakistan by RAW, trained in Nepal and then transported to Bombay by RAW agents themselves to create serious law and order situation in Bombay, the economic hub of India.

The purpose of the attack was to make a base to point finger at Pakistan at international level so that world should stand with India and isolate Pakistan.

Just imagine, Pakistan wanted to carry out in-depth investigation about this serious matter which could have triggered war between India and Pakistan but Chinese threat to India deterred her to attack Pakistan. But India never allowed Pakistani investigators to meet Ajmal Kasab who was in Bombay jail when Pakistani investigation team visited Bombay.

This outright denial on part of the Indian investigators is an ample proof of the Indian bid to conceal facts from the world about the attack. And then India hanged Ajmal Kasab in a hurry so that the world should never know the real facts and motives behind the Mumbai attack.

Indeed, it was India who never wanted thorough investigation in this matter simply it was India which had staged that attack on its own soil to grab the world’s attention and malign Pakistan as a terrorist state. That’s why India discouraged Pakistani investigative authorities to reach at some tangible conclusion.

Now the irony is that the ousted dishonest PM is trying to involve Pakistan in Bombay attack. Though the NSC of Pakistan has rejected the statement of Nawaz Sharif calling it a pack of lie, baseless and false accusations, yet the people of Pakistan want that he should be tried under article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan for conspiring against Pakistan with the connivance with the enemies of Pakistan like India and Israel.

If Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto can be hanged just because he reportedly conspired to kill the father of a political leader, why not Nawaz who is trying to destabilize Pakistan, a crime of high treason under the Constitution of Pakistan. The current Prime Minister Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will not take any action against Nawaz Sharif as he is also the part of international conspiracy against Pakistan along with ousted cheat and toughly corrupt former PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.