AJK President, Sindh CM to chair PSEABF Forum


KARACHI: Sahibzadi Mahin Khan and Farhad Karamally will coordinate 100 days 11-point agenda of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to attract foreign investment in the country and to boost economy, at a day-long Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum (PSEABF) being held in Karachi. The Forum to be held tomorrow (Sept 8) will consist of two sessions. This mega event will begin at 9am and conclude by 5:45pm at a local hotel in Karachi. Rights of admission for the forum are reserved.
Sardar Masood Khan President Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sindh will be the chief guests of two different sessions, respectively, while global leaders from South East Asia and Pakistan will be addressing the Forum to highlight the potential of investment and growth in the economy of Pakistan in the years ahead.
Mahin said: “We all want to transform our challenges into opportunities. We want to benefit from globalization, taking advantage of geographical location and are determined to build foundation on the sustained economic growth, political stability and peaceful regional environment. We are committed to play our part in the promotion of peace, stability and development in our region, so that our coming generations live progressively with prosperity.”
The Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum is dedicated to convening ‘Global Thought Leaders’ from public and private sectors to discuss innovative and collaborative ways to solve modern challenges of global economic growth and overcome them by sharing responsibility, building purposeful alliances between stakeholders and using dialogue for long term success.
Through a series of insightful discussions and focused working groups and conferences, the PSEABF is an opportunity for Government and non-Government Bodies to share their visions for sustainable economic development and find new ways to work together towards achieving the common goals.
The Focus of PSEABF is to build trust, regional peace, stability, accelerate regional economic integration, encourage economic and technical cooperation, develop economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region, sharing best practices that can be replicated for growth, encourage active collaboration and mutual assistance, enhance human security, facilitate a favorable and sustainable business environment, promote dialogue in the field of security, business opportunities and enhancement of financial stakes among the regional countries and network thought leaders with passionate influencers to promote progress in the region.