Alarming increase in violation against children in Pakistan

It is expected Prime minister of Pakistan definitely aware of the characteristics of Machiavelli bureaucracy, at some extant it is true in any circumstances they are not inclined to reveal or share accurate circumstantial details of prevailing situation in our milieu with your good authority, ascertain they habitually misguiding their elected bosses providing incorrect information demonstrating that everything in the country is going absolutely smooth, calm & perfect, whereas in contras the actual situation on ground always tells us some another story.
For instance in the country the Land grabbing Mafia without any impediment immensely busy in grabbing of land even ambit areas of Islamabad are not spare from such menace activity and instead taking any action the responsible authorities slumbering calm and dormant. Beside this to protect ecology your government ordered to hamper production of plastic bags, it is hoodoo manufacturers ignored your behest and still producing and selling their products in the market same at pare as previous. In spite of your endeavors we cannot experience any improvement in Health and education system rather it is deteriorating bit by bit. Law and order situation in the country scums to dilapidation day by day. Owing to depredation of forests and freely omission of gases from the chimneys of Industries and absences of Motor vehicle fitness institute the motor vehicles playing on the roads are omitting a huge quantity of CO2 into air which badly effecting our environment. Apart from this there is no prevention of throwing contaminated water without treatment into rivers and streams which is causing many chronic diseases among the masses. Due to shortage of funds development, repair and maintenance work of Roads including clean water & savage system has entirely become standstill. Consequently it discerns that the Government mechanism is omit to ascendant and deal with prevailing genuine issues of people.
In addition to the aforementioned fact the country is facing egregious torment of human violation in general and violation against children in particular. Even the entire world is not spare from this sort of ferocious act. A survey reveals that all over the world one million children are forced to become prostitute every year. It is tyranny once again our state is not beyond from such menace activity, thus our country is also gaining a position ahead in the list of countries involve in such sorts of relentless and awful crime. With the passage of time the graph of breaching law and inhuman activities are intensely increasing in the country across. May be there are abundance of other reasons for such augmentation in deliberate violation incidences. According to my opinion undermentioned are most considerable and important realities.
Nevertheless, among these atrocities and abominations the child harassment, kidnaping, after mutilation brutally killing of male and female children of early age are most fundamental & common crime today in our society. Theses heinous acts of implacable beasts’ not only forced our people to outcry rather the international community couldn’t remain without carrying out a consensus of censure for such erroneous evil deeds. It is ironical that those children whom survive after such brutal incidences they will usually suffers chronic physical and psychological harms and complications such as anxiety, depression and behavioral disorders while they are also on high risk and vulnerable to suicide.
Albeit, according to my opinion external inveterate and eternal antagonist of our country as well as indigenous opponents, freebooters and corrupt mafia of our society are very lugubrious about expected progression of our country as well as their own uncertain future, ergo aiming to create resentment and unrest situation among the masses of Pakistan against present realm, They are active day and night for fabricating manifold and divers type of machinations.
Moreover, by design these antisocial elements are hostiles of Pakistan some of them are having seated in the ranks of politicians and bureaucracy whether they are in the power or out of that presently unimpededly active and engaged in inciting criminals and swashbucklers to evolve an appropriate modes operand to exasperate & provoke people of Pakistan against “Tehrik Insaf” and their government and they endeavoring to compel the populace of Pakistan to come out agitate and disapprove the misgovern of their elected government. Wherefore, it is obligation of the top management of government to contemplate upon and meticulously probe and quest the causes of increasing violation against children’s and grope some appropriate solutions to hamper these ruthless activities in rest of the country.
It is potent reality if the present regime vacillate to initiate hastily some drastic and solid masers to avert and prevent this barbaric and lamentable situation from our society by giving them their due convictions without any further delay, otherwise certainly it will be worsen gradually and the consequences become very deleterious both for the country and for PTI government. We can consider poverty & penury in our milieu is also one of the substantial causes of above behavior. The patriot and rectitude incumbents having apex positions in the high offices of state whether you are politicians or bureaucrats ought to be work for the welfare and betterment of our country & nation instead remain busy satisfying your own ego.

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