Alarming suicide cases in Sindh


In 2019, 160 people committed suicide in the Umerkot division alone, which comprised 67 women and 73 men. It is dreadful all of them were young ranging in age from 21 to 40 years. 13 women committed suicide in Mirpurkhas, 27 in Umerkot and 47 in Tharparkar. 14 men took the extreme step in Mirpukhas, 29 in Umerkot and 30 in Tharparkar. Psychologist is of the opinion that isolated people find no other way to conform to the problems. It is important to know that the family stays together and around the defenseless. There is extreme poverty in Tharparkar. People are very much disturbed and unhappy with long periods of unemployment and failure to return debt and need escape of the complicated worries. These people need professional medical help and they must be taken to psychiatrists. Awareness campaigns have a significant part to play as well. Suicide is a psychological problem and is not limited to Sindh alone but happen across all the corner of the country. Administration is one of the problems including domestic and private challenge is certainly one of them. Countrywide economic problems are creating huge unemployment. The Mental Health Authority has been directed to advice and helps the exposed. If a person needs government’s help the Sindh Government can unquestionably play a role.
586 women among 1,287 committed suicide during five years in Sindh. Data collected by the Sindh police for a study about suicides in the province that 681 Muslims and 606 Hindus finished their life between Jan 1, 2014 and June 30, 2019. It stated 702 of them aged between 21 and 40.The study was carried out by a fresh established research department of the police. This research was required as a result of growing incidents of suicide, specifically in lower Sindh. A Sindh police research work has asked the government to introduce poverty alleviation programmes. The police had taken the Sindh government on spot about this study as well as other studies relating to offences, human rights abuses, etc. The police had clearly recognized the suicides cases and had introduced an appropriate inquiry in lower Sindh where suicides had become a reason of worries.
According to the data released 646 persons, as well as 356 females, ended their life in Mirpurkhas division with 324 of them aged between 21 and 40 years. Among the departed about, 449 were Hindus and 197 Muslims. In Hyderabad division, a total of 299 people, including 116 females, committed suicide with 191 victims aged between 21 and 40. Some 187 were Muslims and 112 Hindus. In Shaheed Benazirabad approximately 181 persons, including 75 females, ended their life and 91 of them aged between 21 and 40. Among the fatalities, 139 were Muslims and 42 Hindus in Karachi about 107 people, including 25 females, committed suicide and 68 of them aged between 21 and 40. In Larkana, 48 people, comprising 12 females, committed suicide with 25 aged between 21 and 40 years. Among the deceased, 47 were Muslims and one was Hindu. In Sukkur, only six persons, including two women, committed suicide during the period and three of them aged between 21 and 40. Five of them were Muslims and one was Hindu. The stated people used different methods to finish their life, including hanging, using poison (drinking insecticides), sinking (throwing into a well), burning, (jumping on or after high apartments), gunshot and sharp blade/knife have been mentioned in the police’s research work. Poverty, hunger unemployment, declining socio-economic status, marriage problems, domestic violence, addiction of drugs and psychological challenges have been mentioned as some of the primary reasons behind the suicides. The research proposed ‘reforms’ in the police to frankly study and examine suicide incidents reported under Section 174 of criminal procedure code. Participation of religious scholars, municipal society, NGOs, lady health visitors, family welfare workers and introducing extensiveness awareness campaigns have also been proposed in the police’s study work as some other measures to prevent or control rising suicides in Sindh. It also desired the government to start poverty mitigation programmes.
As regard Sindh is concerned, Mirpur Khas is the division where the highest number of suicide incidents occurred in the last five years, and 646 people killed themselves with their own hands. Of them, 356 were women and 290 were men. The Hyderabad division is the second one with the highest figure in the suicide statistics graph, with a total of 299 suicide incidents, of which 183 were males and 116 were females. In Shaheed Benazirabad division, 181 people committed suicide, of which 106 were men and 75 were women. In the past five years, 107 people committed suicide in Karachi, including 82 men and 25 women. In Larkana division, 48 people committed suicide, 36 were male and 12 women, while Sukkur division had the lowest suicide rate where four men and two women committed suicide. Seven hundred and two of those committing suicide were in the age of 21 to 40 years. The most frightening increase in the trend of suicide was observed in 2018. About 81 per cent of those committing suicide belonged to lower income group, 18 percent to the middle class and merely one per cent to the wealthy group of people.
Specialists say immediate measured are required to watch this trend. The government should solve to end poverty. The government will have to play an aggressive role in treatment of dejected people. The availability of basic health facilities and medicines must be guaranteed. Civil society and NGOs will have to play their important part in this context. In the light of the continued environment in society, a call centre must be established for psycho-therapy of highly despondent people. Religious scholars will also have to help the miserable people. Hospitals and clinics will have to be established for round the clock services. To finish the suicide inclination, the government will have to introduce a chapter in the education syllabus.
The mental health challenge too is very much connected to economic and social problems like dissemblance and victimization. Those suffering from utter poverty in most cases also suffer from mental health issues. Some of the very much poor, who does not have mental health problems, are driven to a different environment where they lose fundamental human values, most significantly self-respect. The government has taken some steps to help the poor in these hard times like opening soup kitchens and shops where necessary food items are available at reasonable rates, but much more needs to be done.
As reported by the World Health Organisation, about 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15 to 19-year-olds. Up to 79 per cent of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries. A World Health Organisation report stated that that approximately one million people commit suicide around the world yearly, which implies that that every 40 seconds, one person loses his life. Based on the World Health Organisation depression can also lead to suicide. A research study says “Case-control study of suicide in Karachi, Pakistan,” suicide in Pakistan is strongly associated with depression.
In general it is contented that Islamic law considers suicid is a sin. This works as a disincentive to suicide in the Muslim communities, including in Pakistan. Nevertheless the reported rising rate of suicides in the province of Sindh seems to challenge this concept. In the past five years, about 1,287 people including 586 women took their own life, with the large majority between the ages of 21 and 40. The highest numbers of suicides were recorded in Mirpurkhas, with a total of 646 cases; about half of them were women. This was followed by Hyderabad, which recorded a total of 299 suicides, including 116 women. The obvious reasons behind the suicides differed. Some were in poverty and were unemployed others were in unhappy marriages stage or suffered domestic abuse; and then there were those addicted to drugs. Many would have suffered from mental health problems, but it is hard to know the nature or details of it. Many suffer quietly and are unwilling to speak about their sickness to those around them out of fear of cruelty.

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