Albaraka Bank chief visits AMTF

Albaraka Bank

KARACHI: “I am greatly impressed to see the state of the art facilities for Thalassemic Children” said Shafqaat Ahmed (President, Albaraka Bank) while visiting AMTF facilities for Thalassemic/Blood Disorder Children. He said, they are doing a great job by helping the Thalassemic Children to live their lives in a normal way, says a Press release.
He said that at AMTF they have been providing excellent health care facilities for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment to the thalassemic and blood disorder children without any cash counter, which is remarkable and I would like to appreciate their efforts.
As Executive Director AMTF Ateeq Ur Rehman told the guest said that “I am really proud and feel greatly honored that as a team we have proven that when determination, dedication and will goes together everything is possible”.
Ateeq explained that major cause of death among Thalassemics are the heart failures, AMTF is not only providing state of the art Cardiac Care to these children but also ICU Services, Blood Bank, Laboratory, Day Care, X-Ray Unit, Dedicated Clinics free of cost which makes it unique and pride of Pakistan.
He thanked the valuable Guest for their time and visit. He exclusively thanked Albaraka Bank for its outstanding support to AMTF and Thalassemia Cause.
Rehan Yaseen (Finance Secretary, AMTF) accompanied the guest during their visit and briefed them of the facilities.
Ms. Rahila Esmail (SVP, Head Of Communication, Albarka Bank), Nadeem Hamied Munderawalla (Area Manager, Albaraka Bank) and Kashif Alvi, Muhammad Ali (Branch Managers, Albaraka Bank) also visited the AMTF.