Alliance of corrupt politicians


All of a sudden the sick co chairman of PPP has broken his hibernation and inviting all the so called democratic elements to forge unity against the incumbent government of Imran khan.Why all of a sudden mr Zardari wants alliance aganist the elected government.

The reason i simple, because he knows that sooner or later he and his all weather partner Nawaz sharif will be arrested for their allaged crimes in money laundering and stashing the peoples money in foreign banks.

It is widely believed in pakistan as well outside the country that Zardari and Nawaz have nothing to do with the democracy nor they ever been democrats, they simply want to protect their ill gotten wealth by creating chaos in the country.

Molvi Fazal ur rehamn is alleged to be the part of corruption, he is using islam for his dirty politics, if he is sincere with islam he dedicate his lifeto spread the great message of islam which in clear terms condemns corruption in all forms and manifestation, but he is engaged in politics just to earn money as well working against the interest of the state.

However the people of Pakistan know very well that their unity against the democratic government will not be successful as the y know that all these elements have done great harm to Pakistan by looting the people money and sending it abroad.Moreover both Zardari and nawaz touring abroad several times in the did not bring any foreign investment with the result that the economic growth could not pickup nor local investment was encouraged to putup factories to spur jobs for both skilled and unskilled persons.

Now these defeated elements are trying to forge unity to over throw the elected government and have announced to pass a resolution against the government in the make the government controversial internationally., but they will not succeed as most of the parliamentarians know very well that why the so called democrats are joining hands to dislodge the government, it is an international conspiracy to defame Pakistan, strangulate its economic progress through CPEC and finally if their evil designs succeed(God forbid) they will help india to promote instability in the country.

Mr Zardari as I wrote earlier is a sick person, he , it is said, called Nawaz sharif to seek his advice about the plan which nawaz immediately agree and gave his consent without realizing its consequences.However both are being interrogated about their money trail and the properties they own out side Pakistan.

The Prime Minister Imran khan has rightly said that his government has solid proof of the corruption committed by Zardari and Nawaz , they will not be spared , they have to face the music while the law will take it own course.Therefore the people of Pakistan should understand and should not be misled by these corrupt elements who are working against the state at the behest of anti Pakistan powers within and outside Pakistan.

It is right time all those who want Pakistan progress economically and socially must unite against these corrupt politicians whose only agenda is to protect their illegal money and create instability in the country.The media should also expose the international agenda against Pakistan by these so called democrats who have nothing to do with democracy or democratic values, they are acting to save their self interest at the cost of nation.