An interview with Chairman, Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) Sadaqat Hussain

Perks and process of PGA Membership

Sadaqat Hussain, Chairman of Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) in an exclusive interview with “The Financial Daily” has stated that people from all walks of life across Pakistan, are welcome to join Pakistan Goat Association (PGA). To apply for membership, one must be a Pakistani citizen, should hold CNIC and possess relevant exposure and knowledge about PGA segment that he/she is willing to join.

Sadaqat said there are several benefits of joining PGA including a well-organized system for the betterment of farmers and goats, prompt diagnosis of diseases, vaccinations, provision of medicines and appropriate subsidies in case of death. Moreover, participation in national and international delegations, training opportunities, temporary and permanent job placements in different projects are also included. He said last but not the least, our members engage in introducing best goat breeds of Pakistan at international level thus they perform an active role in economic development of our country.

Background of PGA

Explaining history and the background he said that PGA was established in 2016, as he wished to initiate his efforts to develop modern goat farming at international standards. As a result, goat farming sector witnessed tremendous development and goat farming started in various cities within a very short period of three years.

Sadaqat said Asia’s largest goat farming project at District Thatta in Sindh and several research farms established in other districts are a result of this development.

Mission & Vision

Explaining the mission and the vision of PGA Sadaqat says:

1) The basic objective of Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) is to effectively execute goat breeds classification in order to achieve better development of goats, make sincere efforts to resolve issues of people associated with this sector and work for their progress.
2) Educate people involved in goat farming about Animal Act and livestock laws and take practical measures to ensure implementation of these laws in the country. In addition, provide them complete training about goat food, supervision and protective measures.
3) Highlight premium goat breeds of Pakistan at national and international platform and pave the way for smooth trading of special goat breed.
4) Formation of farmer member bodies across the country and to promote goat farming by proper goat classification at provincial and district levels.
5) Registration of people associated with goat farming, maintain record of goat breeds and number at district division and provincial level.
6) Conduct research on goat diseases and ensure provision of vaccinations and essential medicines.
7) Establishment of farms in a systematic way with participation of farmer members to facilitate food and earning opportunities at local level that directly benefit local public.
8) Association of goat farms with PGA nationwide to promote modern approach of goat farming, creation of job and business opportunities through different projects.
9) Establishment of research laboratories and mobile ambulances at district and local level to ensure timely supply of medicines and vaccines.
10) Execute practical efforts to provide goat medicines, vaccines and subsidies in case of death to farm members who own more than 10 goats.
11) Seminar organization in educational institutes and community centers to educate about the significance of goat farming and its benefits at local level.
12) Introduce people coming from different walks of life to goat farming and its benefits through different projects.
13) Perform an active role in the formation of a healthy and disease free society and economic development of our country by promoting goat farming and its benefits.

Departments of PGA

Sadaqat also highlighted different departments of the PGA and about their working in line with the achievement of PGA goals:
Department of Farmers and Goat Registration: This department maintains systematic registration of those interested in goat farming and appoints them at various positions at provincial, divisional and district level. Moreover, they are thoroughly trained according to national and international standards.
Department of Trading: This department carries out association of such people with PGA, who possess experience of goat treading. These traders from markets all over the country are provided an opportunity to participate in international trading. So that goat import and export is performed at a larger scale.
Department of Veterinary Doctors: This department is engaged in association of veterinary doctors, trainee staff and students with PGA so that all farmers associated with Pakistan Goat Association are able to discuss about goat diseases and avail treatment and vaccination facilities. These doctors and students can carry out research in goat farms nationwide and contribute in saving this sector from many diseases.
Department of Public Awareness: Those people are made part of this department who are keenly interested to aware general public about goat farming significance and benefits. Teachers, students and journalists from print and the electronic media besides other individuals can join this department.
Department of Vaccinations and Medicines: This department engages with those organizations which are performing their role in provision of goat vaccines. These include medicines and vaccine manufacturing organizations, national and international parties and government organization working in this field.

Chairman’s Message


Our beloved country Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural resources by the grace of Allah SWT. Pakistan is considered as one of the top agricultural countries. Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan’s economy. World’s best meat resources are available in our country in which goat meat holds foremost priority. Pakistan is the world’s fourth biggest producer of goats. Precious goat breeds of our country are considered valuable and high in demand throughout the world.
Unfortunately while leading modern lifestyles, we have neglected our basic food sources and ultimately deprived of many blessings.
According to historical facts, almost all prophets were engaged in goat farming and demonstrated practically that this field promotes rapid social development, economic progress, health conditions and countless blessing of life.
Goat farming has been mentioned in holy Quran and several Ahadees. With the passage of time, our modern and fast lifestyles have distanced us from these animals. As a result, we started facing many diseases as well as hardships. Possible food shortage is the top most problem that could arise in near future. We should focus on finding solutions for this issue of pure food sources and economic development. Goat farming is an effective solution in this situation as it is rapidly developing worldwide. We need to consider our role in this field.

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