Analysis Asia: What China can do for Asia?

Historically we all know that after World War-II all major wars like Korea (North & South), Vietnam, (North & South), India-China 1962, Pak-India 1965. Pak-India 1971, Arab-Israel 1967, Afghanistan-Russia, Iraq-Iran, Gulf war against Iraq, Iraq-Kuwait conflict,war against terrorism in Afghanistan ,China-Taiwan, were fought almost in Asia. Millions of people died during these wars, billions of dollars of collateral damages were done there. Right now the world’s major conflicts and proxy wars are witnessed in Asia as well like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Myanmar, Iran-Arab,Yemen, Syria, Turkey-Cyprus and Kurdistan issue belong to Asia also.
Arab Spring was started in Africa,which is also post-colonial continent and Bosnian issue belonged to Europe but European Union have not relations with only Bosnia we all know, and Turkey is waiting since long to get its membership and its inclusion in EU seems not possible.
The damage done in World War-I and World War-II in Asia, was of huge nature. Most of the area was under British rule; they recruited soldiers on cheap terms and conditions rather forcibly, so Asia paid a huge price in search for peace during last hundred years.
During World War-I, the Ottoman Empire was abolished and the whole kingdom was turned into small and medium territories. Surprisingly, Arab kingdoms were established by the blessings of democratic USA and their allies UK and Russia.
When we look into political conflicts in Asia like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Palestine, the forces behind it belonged to the so-called First Word. After attack with atomic bombs in Asia, Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) by USA with theconsent of United Kingdom, atomic race started and billions of dollars were spent by several nations to protect themselves.
During the cold war between the capitalism and socialism,world was divided into two blocs headed by USA and Russia respectively,and most of the disputes were converted into wars and conflicts.
When we look into the weapon trade figures, the western world is on the manufacturing side and the eastern world (Asia) is the huge buyer from traditional to fatal weapons.
According to the International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) from 2010 to 2014, the five biggest importers of the weapons were India, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan; surprisingly all belong to Asian Continent. According to the Poverty Index of the world (CIA world fact book) accurate in January, 2018 population below poverty line, country compression, Index Mundi).
In the first fifty countries only ‘Greece’ is from Europe. It is the alarming situation for the Third World countries that they had to spend more money in their security needs than on their citizens. The human development index shows the worse conditions of their populations.
Although, the Far-East countries had set the wonderful example on the economic development platform SEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) during last three decades, now they are called the Asian Tigers. But even then there are a lot of other issues and difficulties which Asia is facing. That’s why huge military bases of US are established in this region like Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, etc.
Although Asia was blessed during the 20thcentury, one of the top leadership born and developed to get rid of colonialera and rescue their nations from the affects of the world wars and cold warand conflicts. They were Mao Zedong, Chu En-Lai, Hathiman, Kim Ill Sung, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, Imam Khomeini, Dr. Liquan Liu, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and Din Yiao-Pong, etc.
The vision of the Asian leadership was marvelous, but they faced domestic challenges at the huge level. It was difficult for them to work on international issues. Many of them faced colonial might and set the agenda to liberate and literate their nations. After libration, the second part was the economic development. If we look into the Growth index, Asian Nations, getting huge progress because of their economic leadership
Although they have to work under political and military influence, because security is still a main issue on every nation’s future Agenda. If we look into the all Asian nations, China is the most independent, vibrant and sovereign country right now. It’s as hard as Himalaya and as soft as sea. China’s political economy is the most power tool to attract the modern world and other nations. That’s why the China’s Belt and Road project is the real game changer for developing nations.
The Chinese narrative to include many world nations in their economic growth and share the benefits is in favor of under-developed countries. I think this narrative should be beyond the economic benefits, and extended to the political,ethical and strategic benefits as well.
The Third World (under & developing nations) are looking towards China to solve the political conflicts of this Asian continent. Although China wants to work in the field of business and economics with every nation of the world but the conflict zones in Asia need China’s attention politically, ethically and strategically. If the 21stcentury will end with Asia, then it will be China, none of other in Asia.
So Communist Party of China (CPC) and State Council are the most effective institutions to turn the table in Asia. All western leadership always tries to be part of the solution in Asian conflicts but now the Chinese leadership should take a step forward for mediation and conflict resolution. Chinese leadership have future vision, this is the high time for them to take the lead in Asia.
The Present President of China Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader of the world. He has a vision to lead the Asia, economically, politically and strategically. Chinese nation believe on him, so it would be worth mentioning that he is leading china to develop Belt & Road project marvelously. China is the only country in Asia have Veto power in UN Security Council and this power could be capitalized for resolution of political conflicts in Asia.
Pakistan and China have long history of strategic partnership and two major conflicts belong to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. China supported Pakistan’s point of view for conflict resolution in South Asia and likewise Pakistan supported “One China policy” since long; so, both could be more effective when the CPEC will be fully operational.
Its need of the hour, China should interact widely with Asian Nations at every level China is the big country; if the initiative will be from her side then the communication gap will be bridged rapidly.
China should give political leadership to Asia with the help of her long-lasting and true friends. Pakistan has credit to introduce USA & China with each other and now again its Pakistan’s duty to get close China politically with Asian nations.

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