Anwar Maqsood’s ‘Kyun Nikala’ begins August 13

KARACHI: Kopy Kats Production Organized a Media Brief with President Arts Council and renowned writer and intellectual Anwar Maqsood’s play “Kyun Nikala” here Thursday at Arts council of Pakistan, Karachi once again after approximately three and a half year.

The play will hit the floor of arts council Karachi on the night of 13th August and later it will be presented in various cities including Islamabad and Lahore. Using his trademark humorous tone tinged with satire, he said that recently the phrase “Kyun Nikala” has been popularized among the masses due to its political reasoning yet he named his theatre play as “Kyun Nikala” before the phrase was even familiar to anyone.

Dawar Khan and Maqsood further said that after long three and a half year, I wrote this play because of the constant insisting of Mr. Ahmed Shah and Dawar Khan. He briefly tell the shared the story of “Kyun Nikala” and said the story will revolve around the Bengali cook who want to participate in elections. He further talked about the upcoming general elections 2018 and said that 25th July will be an important day for every Pakistani and everyone should cast their vote for the betterment of our country.

President Arts council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said there are not less in the number of theatres which are being played however the combination of Anwar Maqsood and Dawar Khan is nowhere to be seen anywhere. The duo is lethal in the world of theatre play. He further said that I predict a huge success of this upcoming play as I am getting too many calls regarding the play and when it will happen. Mr. Shah said that whenever Anwar Maqsood’s play hit the stages, thousands of people participate in these shows due to the unprecedented works of Anwar Maqsood.

Dawar Khan, the Director of this play said that his chemistry with Anwar Maqsood is immensely strong now and he had been his companion for last 6 years and he is constantly spreading the smile throughout Pakistan. He further talked about the cast of play “Kyun Nikala” and said there will be 10 new young emerging faces which are being cast in this humorous play is Kopy Kats Production Contribution to Pakistan’s Theatre.

Project Head, Ms. Asia Tahir inform the Media that we at least stay on the stage at Karachi for one Month and have a Plan for Corporate Shows also.

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