Has anybody bothered to know what happens to mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters and wives when news is broken conveying the loss of soldiers married or bachelors to their family members. It changes their life for ever. They find it difficult to hold themselves.
A class of people comprising all elements of society specially the part of media when talk against the forces appear to be ignorant about the rigorous period of training they go forgetting the cosy beds and comforts, luxurious life style and all the time present with their family members. A young boy of 18 years who enjoys all the comforts of life, love of mothers, fathers , sisters, brothers and company of friends decides to opt a profession where there are only two options Ghazi or Shaheed. Let us go through the glimpses of journey he undertakes. Much before the selection he starts preparing for himself undertaking extensive exercise to improve his physical fitness when others are enjoying sound sleep. The day comes and he appears for his written test under strict supervision of army unlike examinations of our schools and colleges where booty is taken along with mobile phone with internet facility and free for all to produce answers of questions. Thousands of young boys appear in the test and clear the first ladder by clearing their written test competing thousands. Out of 15000, only 5000 qualify. They are put through medical test to ensure that they are medically fit to enter in to a hard life which they have never seen. Out of 5000 hardly 2000 pass the medical test. The beauty of the whole exercise is that no one can approach the medical board as no one can temper the medical record, if the boy is fit he moves ahead, if he is unfit he goes back home. After this he prepares for elaborate 4 days tests and interviews at the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB). He goes through three dimensions, the GTO (Group Testing Officer), the Psychologist and the final interview by Deputy President ISSB. All these are independent in their actions. Those who fail to qualify initial intelligence test are sent back same day and rest are retained for next three days. Out of 2000, hardly 100 or 150 qualify. Such is the standard on which there is no compromise. The system is so strong that even COAS cannot interfere in the selection procedure, unlike in civil list is prepared of dear and near ones in advance and appointment letters are issued except one category those who go through Public Service Commission through proper procedure identical to some extent as adopted in the armed forces. Once they are selected their names are forwarded to GHQ for final recommendation. At GHQ their proper security clearance is done as per SOP. GHQ sends call up letters to successful candidates to join the Pakistan Military Academy. They spend two years of rigorous training and pass out as Second Lieutenant, after clearing exam they get promoted as Captains and onwards after proper examinations. After basic training in different centres they find themselves on the borders and Siachin heights.
Memories are still fresh when on 7 April 2012 at 6 in the morning the sons of soils serving in the battalion headquarters of 6th Northern Light Infantry, located 15000 feet above sea level in Kashmir’s Gayari district, near the border with India was hit by an avalanche 129 soldiers and 11 civilians were martyred buried alive, the biggest ever tragedy that took so many lives in protecting the borders so that people have sound sleep. Siachin glacier is known as the world’s highest battlefield and soldiers are deployed at elevations up to 22000 feet for the love of country. Such is the life of our soldiers. Our friends who sit in talk shows have just no idea the hard and tough life our soldiers undergo. Can anyone feel the pain of the families of these soldiers, I am certain none. In another incident on 26 Nov 2011, NATO helicopters killed at least 24 security personnel and injured 12 soldiers on a Pakistani check post in Salala, it was said it was by mistake, however later on US offered their apology in March 2012. Can anyone think of the pain the families underwent? All government employees get salary like others, even if you treble the salary no child would like to go to border even for a day except those who want to die heroic death in protecting lives of others. Shame on those who keep talking against armed forces. Three fourth of army is deployed on the borders and for internal security duties that face periodic suicide bomb attacks on check posts and embrace Shahdadt.
Such attacks can never succeed until has the backing of local facilitators. Nevertheless round the clock vigilance against the hate developers is on by different law enforcement agencies, surprisingly once suspects are arrested some friends in the media start propaganda against law enforcement agencies and in my candid opinion such supporters and promoters of hate narrative against the army should also be punished.
We cannot allow the selfish and self serving resolve of some misguided minds to pollute the young minds of our nation. To that account the process of nonstop accountability must continue with speedy disposal of cases.