Army restores quickly the flood-hit Bahrain bridge for traffic in 7 days


Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD: The flood-hit bridge in the town of Bahrain in Swat was reopened for traffic on Sunday after the Pakistan Army worked day and night to restore it.


While Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa was in the valley this week, he said that the road would be fixed in six or seven days.

He had said, “Right now, opening Kalam Road is the most important thing to do.” He thought this would happen in the next six to seven days.

When the bridge was closed, Mingora and Khawaja Khela were cut off from the rest of the area. People were very happy when it opened again.

The town of Bahrain was broken up into two parts.

During the COAS’s visit to the flood-damaged valley, he also said that officials in Swat, where many hotels were destroyed, should be taken to court for letting people build on the riverbank.

This week, 110 people who were stuck between Khawazakhela and Kanju Cantt in Swat, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, were saved by four army helicopters (K-P).

The military also told people not to go to Swat or the areas around it because of flash floods.

22 tourists from Islamabad who got stuck in Kumrat valley in the province’s Upper Dir were also saved by the Pakistan Army.

The Pakistan Army has sent 7,522 soldiers and 50 boats to help people who have been hurt by the floods. They’ve also set up 25 medical camps and 25 hospitals in the field. Up to 25,000 people have been helped so far.