Azadi March – Wrong time for March


People may say anything but the fact remains Maulana Fazal ur Rahman has created an impact of his politics. So far nothing is on the ground from his side all hard statements even then it has shaken the government. Maulana belongs to old party Jamiat Ulema Hind that has a history of decades. His aim and objectives are very clear. There is no doubt after many many years he lost elections from his own constituency but that does not mean he is written off. What is worrying is attitude and lack of decision on the part of two major political parties.The two major political parties PPP and PML N are totally confused on the issue of Azadi March, the house seems to be divided and indecisive whether to join Azadi March or keep themselves away or keep giving loly pop, this is called confusion.Each passing day brings new statements leaving people to guess. Game of politics is a dirty game because it primarily revolves around personal interest as long as your personal interest is secure things will move fast otherwise state of uncertainty shall prevail that shall result in taking wrong decisions
PTI staged longest Dharna in the history of Pakistan spreading over 126 days , the language used and the way writ of the government was challenged it is all not on record only but recorded which TV channels show in the form of shot clips as per need.Just before the announcement of Dharna by Maulana Fazal ur Rahman Prime Minister said he will provide container and food but now government has backed out. CM KPK said they will not be allowed to move out from the houses. If there is a fire then first thing is to pour water to extinguish the fire and not add fuel. It is so disgusting to hear statements of certain ministers that are totally devoid of wisdom. It was suggested that just one spokesperson should be nominated who should respond to all type of criticism but who cares. When own house gets in disorder things move fast from bad to worst that is neither in state interest nor in the interest of party.
Prime Ministers attitude continues to be aggressive and has openly said he is not worried about Azadi March, the issue is not that simple. The government like other major opposition parties is indecisive but Maulana has created ripples all over by doing nothing except through his statements. Few glimpses of preparations shown on TV and print media provided ample food for the government to start taking necessary precautions. JUI chief has in very clear terms asked the establishment to do its job at least gives a clear indication what can happen. Islamabad High Court has rejected the petitions to stop Azadi March declaring protest is the right of everyone and therefore no restrictions can be imposed.
This Azadi March was under preparation for months as manufacturing a particular cloth needs time. Question arises where were our intelligence agencies who monitor such activities like preparing militia, private army, creating armed groups etc which are otherwise stand banned due to national action plan and is also in violation of article 265 of the constitution.
Where we go from here. When you invite any party for talks there is need to build trust and create conducive environment and friendly atmosphere, unfortunately we are doing the reverse that is not in anybody’s interest. People are arguing when PTI can stage Dharna for 126 days and demand resignation of Prime Minister why JUI should be denied this that is very much in order. Another question arises if someone has done something wrong should action be allowed to replay. Unfortunately our politics and politicians have not matured, 72 years is a long period to learn but who cares. The most important question that comes up how a non elected person with 5 percent votes takes over command of those who have handsome majority in the assembly like PPP and PML N, why should they trail behind Maulana
Maulana demand that Imran should quit is not justified at all and his proposed Azadi March to oust him is bound to fail. If he had protested against not fulfilling the promises he made with the people to count few will provide 1.5 million jobs, will not go to IMF, will observe austerity, will not have fleet of ministers, lower the prices of commodities, provide ease of doing business, poor will not be taxed, fuel prices will be brought down, unemployed will be given jobs, merit shall prevail, thana culture will be changed, and many more. IK wanted 100 days to prove that Nia Pakistan taking shape but no such thing happened.What happened during 15 months is something pathetic,not a single promise has been fulfilled, people are fed up with the government’s policies as these are only adding to the problems. Success stories are there like building of Pakistan image internationally.
The timing of Azadi March is certainly wrong when Pakistan is facing financial difficulties,Kashmir issue no change in Modi’s attitude,sword of FATF hanging over the heads, Lof C violations, Indian threats otherwise deter foreign investors therefore timing chosen is certainly no good and Maulana should review his decision in the larger interest of the country.
At the same time it is important that government mends its attitude towards opposition, let us presume that Maulana’s Azadi March may flop but a time will come when opposition will strike back. To avert the situation we have to shed arrogance and without losing time all parties conference be called sort out the issues amicably otherwise things may take ugly shape.
Lastly Nawaz has to change his mind set about establishment the earlier he does better it would be. He should coolly think what he has gained over the years three times prime minister is in jail, is this not enough that he should change his narrative. On the other hand come what may IMRAN is not going to compromise and is mentally prepared to face the consequences worst to worst he may lose his premiership but shall not deviate from his agenda of Nia Pakistan.