Back to square one

Much has been said about the recent Bilawal-Nawaz meeting, but one thing is for granted that the due will not succeed in their move against the government. Bilawal Zardari, Chairman PPP met with the Ex PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif in KOTLAKPATH jail and enquired about his health. The media is giving a lot of importance to this meeting and think that this meeting might forge unity between the two major parties now opposing the incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan. However to my mind PPP and Muslim League (N) were always united, they were never separated and one common factor which united them was the corruption and bad governance turning Pakistan into an almost a failed state. The Charter of Democracy signed in 2005 in London between Nawaz Sharif and late Banazir Bhutto was not meant to promote democratic values or solving the problems of people but to rule turn by turn. Both Nawaz and Zardari came to power and ruled the country for ten years but both failed to deliver, the corruption became the hallmark of their rule and bad governance. The PPP has been ruling Sindh for the last ten years without bringing any socio-economic change in the province. Asif Zardari and his sister Faryal are facing huge corruption charges in courts. The speaker of Sindh Agha Siraj is also facing corruption charges and is under arrest. His family has left Pakistan for USA although they were wanted by NAB. How the family of Agha Siraj Durrani could leave Pakistan without the permission of the NAB? This is a very serious question being asked by the law abiding people of Sindh. Frankly speaking the PPP enjoying majority in the provincial Assembly ruthlessly flouts the laws of the land and has virtually made the bureaucracy of Sindh its slave. Bilawal Zardari at the behest of his father fanning provincialism to divert the attention of common Sindhi from the rampant corruption integral part of misrule by the government of PPP in Sindh.

Mr Bilawal Zardari went to meet Nawaz Sharif as directed by his father to seek his support to launch a movement against the present Government, but it seems Nawaz is not willing for this. However it is the same Nawaz Sharif whom Bilawal Zardari used to call him the friend of Modi, the Indian Prime Minister and a traitor. To my mind Bilawal Zardari would not succeed in Pakistani politics as long he carries the baggage of his father and his sister (Faryal) as both are highly corrupt(court will soon decide) and have hugely exploited the resources of Sindh province through Murad Ali Shah, the Chief Minister. Moreover Nawaz Sharif wants to leave Pakistan under the pretext of medical treatment and wants to settle down in London with his two sons and watch Pakistani politics from there, but I do not think he will be allowed to proceed to London as all the facilities to manage heart diseases are available in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is taking political mileage and at the same time defaming the present Government for being unsympathetic towards his ailment. The PPP has also joined the chorus by saying that if anything happens to Nawaz, the government will be hold responsible. However both PPP and PML(N) have been trying to reach some settlement with the Government (sort of NRO) but Imran Khan will not give them what they want instead he wants looted money from both of them bring back to Pakistan.

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