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Backdoor diplomacy still in progress


There are two issues related to Pak-India dialogue. The first one is not directly related but somehow important regarding Afghanistan issue. The high profile meeting held on April 30 in Doha where I think for the first time Moscow, Beijing and Washington set together and which Islamabad also attended. But interestingly, the Kabul Taliban and Tehran were not formally invited.
One thing that looks clear is that gradually Beijing and Islamabad have marginalized the role of Delhi. Again, the main question that persists is regarding the situation after the US forces gradually exit Kabul, will not the Taliban once again very aggressively try their best to take over the main cities?
For the past one week, once again suicidal attacks are on the rise. So it is now even more important that how can Washington leave Kabul for the Taliban, who are now very closely working with IS.
And secondly, another very significant development and factor is that our foreign minister Mr. Qureshi has categorically denied any form of backdoor channel diplomacy between Islamabad and Delhi.
“I want to make it clear that there is no official back-channel diplomacy with India,” Shah Mahmood Qureshi had told press in Any Dhabi.
However, last week the Army Chief met some media persons and clearly gave the message that not only the back-channel diplomacy is working but both heads of the Prime agencies have dialogues in process.
Interestingly, some media persons also visited line of control as the guests of Pindi and they were shown the peaceful atmosphere on both sides of the border. It is also an open secret that only the military leadership can open the way for a peaceful dialogue. So, the civilian leadership is either by strategy or by intent are keeping away from this big initiative which was halted in August 2019.