Balochistan bleeds yet again

It is very unfortunate that despite repeated acts of terrorism, the successive governments have failed to devise a mechanism to control the security situation in the volatile province of Balochistan. Not a week goes without a terrorists act in the province.
Last week the terrorists once again attacked a market place at will and killed at least twenty people including eight young men from the most persecuted Hazara community. The terrorists have not been so far arrested but according to some knowledgeable sources the attackers were highly trained and belonged to the banned Baloch Liberation Army whose members work for the Indian RAW and get training in Afghanistan as well in some parts of India. On Monday night, the terrorists attacked four passenger buses going to Gwadar and by identifying killed fourteen persons mainly belonging to Pakistan navy. These terrorists were also well trained and belonged to the various groups of Baloch Liberation Army. All political parties of Pakistan have condemned this heinous crime and demanded the government, both provincial and federal governments, to arrest them and give them exemplary punishment to discourage others. As everyone knows that India and Afghanistan are known enemies of Pakistan, both these countries want to sabotage the flagship project of Pakistan and China namely CPEC for which huge amount of money have been paid to these terrorists especially some Balochi youths who are misled and are ready to work against the interest of Pakistan just for the sake o few coins. It must be mentioned here that some sardars are also involved in helping these terrorists just to blackmail the government to obtain unjustified favours. Some banned religious groups are also operating in Balochistan and helping these terrorists to kill people, especially the Shia Hazaras whom they consider are responsible for promoting good relations with Iran. The Hazaras allege that these banned religious groups have links with CIA whose motto is to keep Balochistan in perpetual turmoil which eventually affects Pakistan’s economy and her traditional relations with Iran.
However, the rising terrorist attacks in some part of Balochistan especially in Quetta and recently around coastal highway is a very serious matter. Pakistan intelligence agencies have to be extra alert to face the challenge posed by the terrorists while India will further try and push these hired terrorists to create blood bath in Balochistan and elsewhere to divert the attention of Indian voters who consider Indian Prime Minister Modi responsible for their sufferings both economically and socially. The majority of Indians want Modi out to be replaced by a saner element. Meanwhile the provincial government of Balochistan headed by Jam Mir Kamal should take some tangible harsh measures against the banned religious groups and BLA who have been working against the interest of province itself as well Pakistan. Needless to say that NDS (Afghanistan) is actively supporting these terrorists by providing money and training within Afghanistan. Pakistan should use diplomatic channels and ask the Afghan government to stop meddling in Pakistan affair for the sake of peace, otherwise Pakistan has the right to withdraw from the peace talks being held between Afghan Taliban, the US representative and Ashraf Ghani’s government. The US government knows very well how India is exploiting its relations with Afghanistan against Pakistan to use its territory to carry out terrorist attacks against Pakistan. USA wants Pakistan to help peace parleys with Afghan Taliban to be successful so that she may leave Afghanistan. Pakistan has been helping the negotiations for the sake of regional peace. But if India and Afghanistan together try to destabilize Pakistan by its paid agents then Pakistan has to review its position in the ongoing peace process between USA and Afghan Tliban.

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