Betel nuts and raw material worth over Rs10 million seized

KARACHI: Customs Anti-Smuggling Organization, upon a credible information discreet mapping of SITE area Karachi, was carried out and a godown where smuggled/contraband goods mainly betel nuts were dumped in a huge quantity and godown owner was arrested. This was disclosed by Collector Customs Preventive Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed during a press conference in his office, says a Press release.
He said that a successful operation led by Deputy Collector Anti-Smuggling Organization Muhammad Faisal was accordingly launched at Plot No. B-9, SITE Area, where 23 Ton raw material and 25 tin packs of betel nuts were recovered. The value of seized items are amounted to more than 10 million Rupees.
Investigation has been started with the godown owner Shaikh Amir. He said that during the last 6 months 7 huge operations were carried in which 500 Ton betel nuts were seized. Last year provision of certificate was imposed on betel nut therefore smuggling had been increased and betel nuts had been coming to Pakistan through different channels.
He said that customs department is playing an important role in overcoming this smuggling. During this year 1 Million and 64 Thousand Liter Diesel had been seized which avoided a great loss to national treasure. Luxury vehicles along with miscellaneous items of Rupees 3.1 Billion were seized.
Apart from that drugs measuring 8566 Kgs, 79572 liquor bottles were also seized during these operations. Upon a question regarding smuggling of mobile phones Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed said that during different operations 63500 mobile phones were recovered. During 2 huge operations more than 5 ton drugs were also recovered.
He said that we have spotted few areas in the city were the smuggled goods are stored. He said that we are surviving against smuggling with the help of rangers and other law enforcement agencies.

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