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Bilawal tells Hazaras that Quetta martyrs will not be forgotten

Bilawal tells Hazaras that Quetta martyrs will not be forgotten

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Friday that the party’s politics was based on martyrs and assured the marginalised Hazara community that their martyrs will never be forgotten.

Addressing a public gathering in Quetta, he said ever since the assassination of his grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in late 1970s, ‘Bhuttos’ have been killed in every decade.

“People of Balochistan your martyred will not be forgotten. We can’t forget the deaths of our followers during Zia’s regime. We can’t forget the Karsaz martyrs. We will not forget how my mother was killed in Pindi.

How can we forget the sacrifice of people of FATA?” he remarked. The PPP supremo also held meetings with the community members after arriving in the provincial capital earlier today. Lashing out at the political opponents, the PPP chairman said they were not aware of the pain of mourning loved ones. “Politicians don’t care if the National Action Plan is not followed because they are not concerned.

We have lifted the dead bodies. We will keep voicing until the NAP is followed,” he added.
Bilawal said thousands of innocent people are being killed in the country, but no one pays heed until hunger strikes are staged. “Nawaz Sharif’s problem is Imran Khan, and vice versa. And their issue is power,” he said.

“Who would talk about the missing people? Who would talk about the lynched bodies? Politicians don’t care about anything other than power.”

The PPP chairman said that efforts to turn central Punjab as the hub of country’s politics in the wake of coming elections would be foiled. “Efforts are being made to make GT Road a center of political activities,” he added.

Balochistan remained top of the PPP government’s agenda when the party was in power, said Bilawal, adding that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), on the other hand, had done nothing for the people of the province.

Dismissing allegations of buying votes of Balochistan lawmakers in the Senate polls, he said that desired results can also be achieved through dialogue and addressing genuine concerns of politicians. “They don’t know that when you go to a politician and convince him … then the desired results are achieved … PPP had done the same thing,” he said.

The PPP chairman assured the people of Balochistan of getting benefits from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) if his party was elected to power in this year’s general elections. “You will be offered job opportunities if you vote for PPP … we will make Gwadar port an exceptional port,” he added.