Bilawal Zardari’s strange stance on IMF bail-out


One wonders as to why Bilwal Zardari has been condemning the present government so vehemently for seeking the bail-out help from IMF so that the current crisis in economy is managed to certain extent. Perhaps Bilawal Zardari does not know that it is not for the first time that Pakistan is seeking help from the IMF. Since joining IMF in 1950, Pakistan has sought the help from the IMF for as many as fourteen times including the civilian and military governments to manage the macro-economic stabilization of the country. Hence the government of Imran Khan, under the current precarious situation, is negotiating with IMF a bailout programme so that the economic situation which is badly affecting the growth rate is checked and the crisis averted. But instead of supporting the government, Bilawal is shouting at the flour of National Assembly against the IMF and the government simply to divert the attention of Pakistani masses from his father and aunt’s loot and plunder of national the exchequer. In otherwords by crying foul, Bilawal Zardari thinks that the people or judiciary will ignore the corruption indulged in by his father who is known as Mr Ten Percent for his corruption methodology or he can muster street power to out the Government. This is all immature thinking. Instead of giving some substantial advice to the Government to comeout from the present difficult situation, he is making the governance more difficult thereby creating space for anti-Pakistan elements to further malign the existing situation. Perhaps Bilawal Zardari thinks that by lambasting the IMF, he has become a hero, but the fact is otherwise. If you scan the ten year performance of PPP government in Sindh and the observations of the Supreme Court about the misrule and corruption, Bilawal Zardari should seek apology from the Sindh public for not helping them financially and making no efforts for lifting majority of them from poverty. Look at Larkana, the home town of his ancestors, where no significant development has taken place, the children as well as adults are suffering from the deadly disease of AIDS and other painful diseases emanating from malnutrition and hunger. Has Bilawal Zardari ever visited the remote areas in Thar where children and pregnant women are dying as there is no proper medical support. Bilawal must address the grievances of down-trodden in Thar and other parts of Sindh. Perhaps he has been made to think that no power that be can oust the Sindh Government enjoying majority in the assembly but there are clauses in the Constitutionof Pakistan especially article 149 if applied, the Sindh government will go packing while the courts can call former CM Qaim Ali Shah and the incumbent CM Murad Ali Shah to answer the allegations of massive corruption done under their nose. According to the newspaper reports both were involved in corruption at the behest of Zardari who was running the affairs of the Sindh government. So Bilawal Zaradri if you have moral courage, you should look into the affairs of Sindh government and its attitude towards urban Sindh who are being discriminated in jobs and development programs.
Last but not theleast Bilawal Zardari should know that the corruption indulged in by the third world countries including Pakistan has forced these countries to seek bailout programs from IMF.