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Bogus domiciles: An act of terrible vandalism


In recent days, a news of bogus domiciles in Larkana district has got the currency on social media and on print and electronic media simultaneously, arousing a wave of indignation among the residents of Sindh.
Though, the issue of fake domiciles has surfaced on the screen few days back but the practice is not new. The same has been narrated by many intellectuals of Sindh formerly. People of Sindh are facing such sheer injustice and tyranny since long. Many people, who hail from other provinces, get the domicile of Sindh allegedly on kickbacks very easily. Since Constitution of Pakistan ensures the rights of people of all provinces of Pakistan, it has applied certain restrictions in the form of quota system to safeguard the rights of people of each province to enable people of all the provinces to get equitable share in jobs/admissions etc. The bigger the population, the bigger is the share in public sector jobs. However, ironically, it is the travesty of justice that instead of having ample number of seats and quota, citizens from Punjab and KPK are availing fake domiciles of Sindh, resultantly grabbing the right to job from natives of Sindh. Additionally, awarding domicile to outsiders reduces Sindh’s share to minimum. This malfeasance hampers the overall opportunities that the sons of soil are supposed to avail.
Furthermore, according to Sindh Permanent Residence Certificate Rules 1973, Domicile & PRC of any district of Sindh could be issued to those only whose father has domicile & PRC of that particular district of the province while the address mentioned in PRC same to be encrypted on his National Identity Card. But in contrast, those unable to meet the standards of competitive exams, board exams or admissions in universities of their respective provinces turn their faces to Sindh and get permanent domicile of Sindh under the table to despoil and to deprive the deserving candidates of their rights. There is no iota of doubt in it that many officers from Sindh are also involved in this ill-doing. Such black sheep need to be disclosed and must be held accountable for their heinous crime.
Recently, the issue got momentum when a daily newspaper published a report regarding issuance of bogus domiciles in Sindh. The report declared that the Deputy Commissioner’s Office at Larkana has allegedly issued some seven hundred fake domiciles to residents of other provinces who have now secured jobs/admissions in different departments and universities on predefined quota of Sindh. The story has instigated the literate minds of Sindh. People have registered their protest at every possible ground. This practice is being done at the cost of Sindh’s quota in jobs/admissions. If it continues, this would be an utter injustice to the residents of Sindh. The issue is sensitive that it can change the demography of Sindh completely. Forecasting its grim consequences, it needs a careful handling.
Keeping in mind the popular demand of people of Sindh, Chief Secretory of Sindh Syed Mamtaz Ali Shah has taken a quick notice of the matter. Senior Member of Board of Revenue Qazi Shahid Parvez has also been appointed as Inquiry Officer to report to the Chief Secretory. Since Chief Secretary has taken a quick notice, the pace of inquiry should be prompt and those who are found guilty must be held accountable for their abominable crime. Those perverted souls need to be dismissed from their services in order to consummate utter justice to the people of Sindh.
A fair and transparent inquiry should be conducted to push these bugs out of society in order to ensure justice. To further authenticate the mechanism and to make it more transparent Deputy Commissioners of all districts be set responsible to publicize the list of all domicile seekers on monthly basis. For this would ensure residents of other provinces are not being issued the bogus domiciles.
This transparency, accountability, and checks and balance would surely bring positive results which would ease the woes and wounds of people of Sindh.