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Bones of backpackers found on Australian Beach

Source:; The West Australian

Backpacker, Frenchman Erwan Ferrieux’s, 21, went missing 5 months ago. Police reported that several bones were found along the east coast of Australia, which belong to him.

Erwan was last seen five months ago with a British tourist known as Hugo Palmer, aged 20, near Port Macquarie, a famous tourist town place about 385 km north of Sydney. Hugo Palmer, from East Grinstead in East Sussex, is also reportedly missing.

Both of them were claimed to be missing since February until the bones were identified to be Erwan’s.

Police found a rental car in the beach’s park which contained several personal items in it. These included travel documents as well, sparking concern for both tourists.

The bones were found last month in the waters of east coast beach and were taken for examination and tests. These tests confirmed what they feared. The tests identified the bones to be belonging to Erwan.
Superintendent Paul Fehon reported “We believe from the DNA comparisons that they belong to Erwan Ferrieux,”
Another bone was found which is still forensic analysis toidentify if it belongs to either of the missing tourists.
Regarding the identification of the other bone Mr Fehon said “This bone is from another part of the anatomy,”