How to build nation out of corruption?


It was not in any way gathering of upper class or middle section of society at a place in Islamabad on the first day of the New Year. Only some lower middle people who never break the heart of the poor because they believe in one true God who chose a poor pious man to lead mankind as the last prophet (peace be upon him).
How great reformer, administrator and general turned out Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)! And how deeply was impressed the founder of Pakistan by him! Was it the concept of welfare of every man, woman and child of the state?
Invitees seriously asked the host: “Did you import potato, tomato, gram and garlic used in food were from India?
Having enjoyed the nicely cooked delicious sweet ‘kheer’ everybody asked each other: “Where are we heading? It’s corruption that has penetrated our society, who’s responsible for this evil? Who’ll build the nation out of this corruption?”
Elders at such gatherings plainly say: “Time is our teacher, we’re all slave to time; it shall never forgive us if we do not act upon the message of Almighty God by uniting on one platform and carry discipline into effect in order to save ourselves from disaster.”
What’s common among citizens is the spirit of Islam which keeps them alive to the need for protection of life and property of minorities also, and a fair deal to them. It advocates justice to all, equality, fair-play, toleration and even generosity to non-Muslims.
Common people have a dream. They want peace and harmony vital to achieving progress and prosperity: but there are obstacles. On one side, there are selfish and corrupt leaders; and on other side are terrorists disturbing peace, tranquillity and harmony of metropolitan cities at a time when the country was on the way to betterment of the common man.
People who have foresight say the scheme of some foreign hands is to weaken Pakistan economically and create problems for the ones who are devoted all the time to homeland’s defence.
Unhealthy economy, suicide by unemployed parents in the wake of food price hike, poverty and nepotism, death sentence to and burning alive of innocent girls under un-Islamic ‘jirga’ system, feudal practice of setting hounds free on children and women and luxurious ways of living of politicians, whether they’re in power or not, are some of the problems which pain people who have not closed their eyes and ears to radio and TV channels.
They look towards God almighty and defenders of the state.