Byco extends support to Saylani Welfare Trust

Byco Petroleum

KARACHI: Byco Petroleum Pakistan Ltd. has donated Rs. 2.8 million to the well-reputed humanitarian organization, the Saylani Welfare Trust, for the deployment of its Rapid Fire-fighting and Rescue Services along the motorway from Karachi to Peshawar in collaboration with the Motorway police.

The donation under Byco’s corporate social responsibility strategy, seeks to proactively empower the Saylani teams to be prepared in advance to meet any emergency that may be a threat to life and property, says a Press release.

For this 24-hour ready-to-rescue service, Saylani’s trained firefighters and rescue workers will use motorcycles to facilitate their reaching the incident places rapidly, and without any delays caused by traffic congestion or any hindrances on the road. Each motorcycle will be deployed with fire-extinguishing equipment and chemical powder, comprising of potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3), liquid water, and an evaporating fluorocarbon, that can be effectively utilized in containing fire.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is a vast and innovative field and every caring organization must regard it as a mandatory requirement to enact a CSR programme that aims to serve the community in some way,” said Azfar Saeed Baig, Vice President, adding, “firefighting is always a challenge in our part of the world, and we have seen that many times rescue operations fail either due to poor infrastructure and lack of proper equipment, or the inability of firefighting and rescue teams to be able to reach the incident sites rapidly. As a result, there are often quite avoidable losses, and personnel injuries and even fatalities. We are confident that Saylani Welfare Trust’s Rapid Fire Fighting and Rescue Services will overcome these challenges and emerge as part of an efficient solution.”

The CEO of Saylani Welfare Trust expressed his gratitude for Byco’s donation and appreciated the company’s trust in the rescue service. He said, “We have been serving the society since 1999 and thanks to the philanthropic people and organisations around, we have been able to continue adding to our welfare services over these years. With this emerging service, we are hopeful that we will help make a tangible difference as far as rescue services are concerned.”