Can United States stop carnage in Kashmir?

Pakistan has been regularly attending UN General Assembly session as annual ritual but this time this session will have special significance because of latest development on Kashmir issue that will echo the hall of UN General Assembly on 27 September when Prime Minister Imran Khan shall address the current session of the United Nations.
Modi has imposed curfew in IOK since 5 August 2019 and there is complete black out of communication and the valley is virtually cut off from rest of the world. Kashmir is in turmoil the entire Kashmiri leadership has been arrested and placed under house arrest. More than 9 million people are under siege since 5 August 2019.The world community has not shown any concern whatsoever; even Supreme Court of India’s orders have not been implemented by Modi. The UN Secretary General who is supposed to act quickly on such occasions has failed to influence illegal act of Modi who has annexed Kashmir by revoking Article 370 and 35-A from the Indian constitution which granted special status to people of Jammu &Kashmir, and is also in grave violation of UN resolution on Kashmir that its status will be decided by holding free and transparent plebiscite allowing Kashmiris to take their own independent decision of joining India or Pakistan.
Amnesty International on September 5, 2019 had said that nearly 8 million people in Kashmir have been living through a communication shut down since August 5. The word needs to know what’s happening. Take action and demand that the government let Kashmir speak. The pronouncement of Mr Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the UN in a press conference on August 8 said “The position of the UN on this region (Jammu &Kashmir) is governed by the charter of the United Nations and applicable Security Council resolutions”. But question arises when such statements shall be translated and implemented in reality. This weakness on the part of UN is costing heavily on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This must be stated very clearly Modi is not that strong to take such bold decisions until and unless he has full backing of powers that matter. In this particular case he has the full blessings of US that are why Donald Trump keep repeating his offer to mediate that has already been rejected by Modi not once but many a times. What was justification on the part of Trump to attend private function of Modi in Houston?
Kashmir issue has remained bone of contention between the two countries since independence and even today it stands where it was at the initial stage so much so its special status has also been revoked. Both countries are locked on to their positions and no one is willing to show any flexibility. The United Nations role has been pathetic throughout on this issue, perhaps it was intentionally kept to linger on. The fact remains Pakistan alone cannot move forward until and unless world powers intervene. Each country has its national interest supreme and the world always supports or leans towards the country that is economically strong. Ours is a typical case and the world also acknowledges it as a dispute because it is in UN files. The world must wake up to the ground realities; the world cannot afford another conflict that will only bring death and destruction to innocent people.
We should not expect miracles to happen when Imran Khan will address the session on 27 September, we have seen fiery speeches by our different foreign ministers specially Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Gen Zia ul Haq and many others but end result has been most disappointing. This time certainly Prime Minister will spend 90 percent time on Kashmir but that does not mean Modi will reciprocate. No such thing is going to happen. If we look at the history of UN General Assembly session we have seen when US President makes speech all delegates are present but when others are addressing the hall looks at times little empty, after the speech the delegates walks out with its team and bother to listen to others. This time Kashmir is the main burning issue coupled with Iran and US conflict. The entire world knows how 9 million Kashmiris are being tortured since August 5, 2019 and the world is watching this entire as silent spectator, therefore let us not overestimate miracles taking place after the address of Prime Minister.
Foreign office must have prepared comprehensive paper to be read I hope nothing is read out of the paper, but it will be more appropriate to suggest the world body to make one thing clear to Modi what the world wants on Kashmir should be made clear. US Iran conflict, Iran and Saudi conflict has put the world in state of alert, allegations and counter allegations, threats to each other does not auger well, Taliban US locked down a great set back. A negotiation on Kashmir is the only way to reach to any peaceful solution, war further complicates the issue but cost is very heavy.

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