Capital Watch 08-04-19

PM Imran vows to stay with Bushra Bibi till last breath

Prime Minister Imran Khan reportedly said during he week that he plans to stay with his wife Bushra Bibi till last breath.
In an interview with local media, the premier commented on his marital life, acknowledging his wife to be a blessing from Allah. He rejected all rumours related to his marital life.
Earlier, first lady Bushra Bibi during her interview with a private TV channel, a few months back, called Imran Khan “a leader rather than just a politician”. She divulged that Imran Khan is a very simple man devoid of any greed.
“Only Imran Khan can bring change in Pakistan but change requires time,” she added.
Bushra Bibi in an earlier statement defended her right to wear a hijab, implying it as a private matter and personal choice. ‘Those who don’t want to wear hijab, can do so,” she said.
Bushra Bibi described her heart-rending visits to old homes and the orphanage after becoming the first lady. She said it left an everlasting impact on her and now she is “making an effort to make better the lives of those living there.”
Imran Khan had married Bushra in Lahore during February 2018.

Nepalese cuisines, music feature at Nepal food festival

Ambassador of Nepal Sewa Lamsal hosted a grand reception to formally open the Nepalese food festival which shall continue for two days during the week at a local hotel. Reflective of a vibrant Nepalese culture, the food festival will offer a slice of Nepalese cuisine that combines with a unique flair.
The mouth-watering cuisines offered during the fesrival included Thukpa, Gorkhali Lamb, Yomari, Chatamari, Nepalese Pizza, Pulao and Dal Bhat.
A large number of guests hailing from various walks of life attended the reception. Former Foreign Minister and senior politicians Sartaj Aziz also attended the function along with envoys from many countries.
Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tehmina Janjua who was chief guest on the occasion, appreciated efforts of Ambassador of Nepal in promoting bilateral relations.
The foreign secretary also lauded the initiative of food festivals adding such occasions shall provide especially the Pakistani people with an opportunity of having first-hand information about various Nepalese cuisines.
Ambassador of Nepal Sewa Lamsal in her address welcomed all guests to the Nepalese food festival to celebrate 60th anniversary of Nepal-Pakistan bilateral relations.
The ambassador lauded efforts of the foreign secretary for further strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and wished her a prosperous life as she is retiring from service after completing her service.
Further dilating upon bilateral relations the ambassador said, “Our relations are based on friendship, goodwill, mutual respect, sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other. These relations are time tested and have been growing strengths to strengths at all levels”.
She said she deeply valued the wisdom and teachings of Gautam Buddha, known in Pakistan as the Gandhara civilization and want to spread the message of peace on the momentous occasion of 2561th Buddha Jayanti.
Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha was born as a prince in the royal palace garden of Lumbini, Nepal in 623 BC.
While the footprint of Gautam Buddha was started in the Garden of Lumbini, the practice and teachings of Gautam Buddha was spread all over Asia, including Pakistan and remains one of the richest heritages and civilizations in the world.
The ambassador said Nepalese government is paying special attention to promote its tourism industry and encouraging more and more tourists to visit Nepal.
She added, the year 2020 shall be celebrated in Nepal as the Tourism Year and expecting over two million tourists in the country. She invited all stakeholders in Pakistan who want to promote tourism, to come to Nepal and explore avenues of cooperation in this particular field.

Rifle recovered from Emirati officer turns out to be antique

A rifle recovered from the luggage of the protocol officer of the United Arab Emirates embassy at the Islamabad airport has turned out to be an antique. The rifle, rolled up in a carpet, was recovered from Muhammad Afzal at the New Islamabad International Airport during the week.
Afzal was about to board a flight for Dubai when the antique rifle was discovered from his belongings. Officials demanded Afzal to show the license for carrying the item onto the aircraft, which he did.
Earlier on March 24, the Anti-Narcotics Force thwarted a bid to smuggle drugs abroad from the Islamabad airport and arrested a dual national woman for carrying heroin worth millions of rupees.
In an intelligence-based operation, Kausar Younus, a British-Pakistani woman hailing from Mirpur, was arrested by the ANF officials from the airport’s departure lounge after she managed to get herself and her luggage cleared from all check points.

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