Abdullah Shah

We should have to change our nature prior to change of nature. There is not a single place on our planet earth where the human created waste is not yet acceded. Environmental degradation is many types, omission of gases, chemicals & excrement mixed water including a massive quantity of solid waste which is without treatment added into to the atmosphere of beautiful living planet.

Apart from the facts mentioned later deforestation of natural jungles with the propensity of influential personalities seriously intimidating by misbalancing our natural habitats, biodiversity, and ecology.

In the third world countries especially in Pakistan all types of vehicle owners without obtaining proper fitness certificates of their machines driving on the roads of small and big cities and omitting vast quantity of carbon mono oxide into the atmosphere. Besides this people in ignorance of environmental consequences setting various objects on fire among them the most dangerous element is burning of plastic bags which are hastily depleting our natural atmosphere including resources of ozone which directly effects ecumenical temperature.

According to the survey report of IPCC (Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change) divulges about 30% of anthropogenic CO2 has been absorbed by ocean this leads to ocean acidification which causing serious threats to marine life. It is also observed that in the Polar Regions and out of polar glaciers loses it is mass, thus the sea level starts rising in the mid-19th century. It was also revealed by the experts that around 1970s the global sea level comparatively increased, however it was larger than the entire period of last two millenniums.

Trillion litters of water receives our green planet every year in the shape of rain and the entire outcome of this natural souvenir is instead blessings of the omnipotent it turn out to be trouble creator to this land and it is dwellers.

In addition to aforementioned facts it put severe deleterious impacts upon the habitants and their habitats by flooding and other natural catastrophes. In under developing countries burgeoning ill planned housing societies which bit by bit on one side mitigating the catchments of rain water and on other side without obtaining legal permission of the concern authority fetching out plenty of water from underground reservoirs and such reckless activities expeditiously causing dearth to subterranean water level at alarming extremity from 45 Ft to 600Ft below from the surface of the land. Gradually with the pace of time the condition of subterranean water level has went down and proceeded to it is worst condition of the century.

Beside this the more serious and shocking tiding in this respect is incurious & ossified attitude of concern officials whom paying no heeds to improve such impending dilapidate situation of drinking water in the country across.

In such circumstances the endeavors of Ministry of Climate Change & their environmental Experts oral formulation of national policies, planning’s, strategies and programs are not sufficient to protect deteriorating environmental condition of Pakistan.

A survey reports reveals only the urban area of Islamabad is generating 700 tons of Garbage every day and probably there is no permanent location hence such colossal quantity of redundant is being dumped at a temporary site of the city.

The cosmopolitan city of Karachi is also generating daily some 9000 tons of litter, ironically likewise other cities there is no proper garbage lifting arrangements in the mega city of Pakistan as well and the entire roads streets and it is Nullah’s are posing garbage dumping sites. In the developed countries of the world their environmental experts are working on alternative recycling mechanisms and successfully trying to come out from the old and conventional methods of garbage collection.

They also abandoned the old and warn out methodologies of energy generation and striving to grope out new and alternative pollution free resources for the accomplishment of their energy requirements.

It is tyranny in contrast to the notion of global nations our eponymous environmental experts never ever try to come out from their personal pits of interests. Such selfish characteristics of decision makers created perilous implications upon the progress of country, even after lapse of 71 years these traitors cannot deliver any salubrious performance to our society and such factors compelled our nation to use trite & dowdy modus operands in every course of life. God has endowed abundance of natural resources to this country in the shape of Rivers, Oceans and a radiant light of solar but we are yet very far from self-sufficiency in every essential enterprise.

The substantial need for the development of a country depends upon it is resource of energy, in this arena these corrupt mafias still preferring and insisting to adopt the repealed methods of the other countries of the world likewise use of coal & other fossil products etc. for energy generation as alternative of available environmental friendly resources. In numerous countries of the world they already renounced and scraped down or at least minimized it is usages to very limited extent.

Albeit, in terms of environment related issues it is suggested that Government Of Pakistan ought to be kept this aspect on top priority of its agenda and evolve an appropriate modus operand to restrain such industrial unites and other polluting factors whom without proper treatment omitting immense quantity of contaminated material into the atmosphere of earth. Such sort of norms on behalf entrepreneurs seriously creating deleterious implications directly on the environment of our country and indirectly on the environment of the world. Somehow we are lucky enough The Sovereign has gifted a unique piece of land to this country & its habitants where we can experience simultaneously the temperature of plus 45 to minus 45 degree centigrade.

It is required to stimulate solid, intelligible & result oriented research work on studies of climate change impacts and make arrangements to implement them strictly. Moreover to attain additional awesome results it is concomitant to seek cooperation of other countries including UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) & environmental related NGOS whom already passionately working on this topic to abate pollution beyond utopians and abortive line of thoughts, perhaps we can also attain some practical and repercussive corollaries in this respect in the years coming ahead.