Changing dynamics of Pak-US relations

There is well known saying “Pride hath a fall” (GHAROOR KA SAR NEECHA).The great powers feel pride in suppressing weak and has license to destroy them as they feel convenient. History is full of examples when stronger nations had to face defeats and humiliations against smaller countries. Large armies were defeated by few dedicated handful people leaving aside Islamic wars even in modern warfare such miracles are taking place. Pakistan in 1965 faced an enemy well equipped five times bigger but was defeated on all fronts. It is the spirit that matters. Believers in Allah has always upper hand on such occasions. Poet says”KAFIR HAY TU KARTA HAI SHAMSHEER PAY BHAROOSA- MOMIN HAY TU BAY TEGH BHI LARTA HAI SIPAHI. US and Iran relations got cemented after removal of Musaddaq when Shah Iran was installed as supreme leader. People were not happy with him so it was in the year 1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini brought Islamic revolution to oust Shah of Iran Mohammad Raza Pehlvi and had to leave the country to save his life and was given asylum in Egypt and died on July 27, 1980 due to cancer. Followers of Imam Khomeini took over US embassy and made all the US staff as hostages and this continued for 444 days starting from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981. Having failed to get release of hostages through diplomatic efforts Jimmy Carter ordered rescue operation by US that failed in which 1 Iranian and 8 American servicemen killed. In September 1980 the Iraqi army invaded Iran, this led the Iranian government enter into negotiations with US, with Algeria as mediator and accord was signed and hostages were freed. This later on led to sanctions on Iran and further weakened the relations between two countries. This little background was necessary to prove the point that both were not comfortable with each other
Since 9/11 US policy has been revolving around counter terrorism. US has diplomatic relations with all the Middle East countries except Iran since Islamic Revolution in 1979 .US government poses as if they want end of conflict between Arabs and Israel but their actions show different game being played by US. It is quite clear that US is not interested in resolving the conflict and is always ready to jump in to destroy Muslim countries under the cover of chasing weapons of mass destruction. Its track record has been pathetic; millions of Muslims were killed in peaceful Iraq, destruction of Libya, and conflict with Syria. Syria survived due to Russians blocking the moves of US.US intervention in Pakistan and Afghanistan started after the invasion of Afghanistan by Russia and Pakistan played front man role in the Russia US crisis. Pakistan faced the bloody war for 15 years as a result paid heavy price as most of our sensitive targets were attacked with heavy casualties so much so even GHQ was attacked. Pakistan suffered heavy casualties in men and material and in the bargain we suffered over $ 120 billion loss to infrastructure for which compensation is still awaited.
It is so strange that our government continues to target opposition especially PML N government for all our economic woes that is not correct. It is all US game plan to ensure that Pakistan should economically be strangulated. The West is using the IMF for pressurising Pakistan in to backtracking from deals it signed with China. To implement the plan we have financial advisor Hafiz Sheikh, lesser said better it is Chairman CBR came with big fanfare is no more there, then We have State Bank Governor from IMF, coupled with Chinese hold on investment Pakistan is yielding to pressure drowning us in river of no return.US and other Western nations are uncomfortable with CPEC contracts. US China tensions are another matter of concern. The West is not happy with us due to our whole drift towards China. The IMF fears that its loan money could be diverted to settle Chinese loans under CPEC. Looks China is not happy with the progress on CPEC but China will never let us down Pakistan being time tested friend. Donald Trump calls himself friend of IK but at the same time he loves India and Modi. US cannot think of losing market of 1.15 billion people therefore Pakistan figures nowhere. India and US are strategic partners and Modi has come closer during US Iran conflict. It is in interest of US to keep Pakistan on his side as long as he remains in Afghanistan. Road to settlement passes through Pakistan therefore US would not like to push us against the wall. But in the bargain indirectly will ensure that we remain economically weak through IMF. India is only worried about greater influence of Pakistan in Afghanistan. We must understand that once peace prevails and some sort of agreement is reached with Taliban, US as usual will leave us therefore Pakistan is in most difficult situation. If we don’t curtail and cut down our expenditures there is every likelihood of early collapse and that is where US will dictate us and India may also join hands with US to play some foul game. Are we prepared? The answer is No. To get out of debt trap Government has to take on board all the political stake holders, time is running fast any more delay shall prove disastrous for the country.

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