Chef Sabeen visits UAE for live cooking show

DUBAI: It was great honour for Pakistani community that famous Chef Sabeen Fatima visited UAE for live cooking show at LalQila, says a Press release.
It was great idea to arrange such an events at foreign land that created harmony among Pakistanis n other nationals
People had the opportunity to meet Director LalQila Dubai Qaisar Butt & RM LalQila Dubai Akhtar who told us the arrangements by Safia Baber from digital agency AceOne Solutions.
This event also provided to different personalities to meet and Marketing Manager from Karachi Ana’s Farooqi’s views about the event was worth appreciating for Chef Sabeen Fatima and her daughter Maham Fatima.
Some great talented politicians and talent of Pakistan took place to add their view. Alamgir from Fix It and Taha’s meeting and advice to an Indian couple and Pakistani wife DJ Shah and Rabab to share their problems and getting the solutions made this event more informative as well. Basically it was an even & program but such events brought in light many hidden events on surface. Such events need to be held.
All reward goes to Chef Sabeen Fatima who brought smile on the faces of many people.

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