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Chess Grandmaster admits to cheating in the toilet

Source: Chessbase India

Igor Rausis, 58, astounded the chess world after he admitted to cheating in the toilet at a recent tournament in France.

The Grandmaster had successfully climbed the ladder of ranks in the previous six years and shocked the chess universe by his confession of cheating when a photo of him using his phone in the toilet surfaced. he admitted that he was using it to help him win the tournament.

Someone took a picture of him, fully clothes sitting on the toilet seat and using his phone during the tournament in Strasbourg, France. (Here’s something to think about, why was the person taking a picture of someone in the toilet anyway?)

Anyway, the picture somewhat stupefied the chess universe because chess is generally considered as a “gentleman’s sport”. And a gentleman does not cheat.

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) confirmed that there was an incident in Strasbourg and that “a player has signed a letter admitting his wrongdoing,”. However they did not further give any details regarding the matter.

Rausis confessed on chess.com saying, “I simply lost my mind.”

“I confirmed the fact of using my phone during the game by written [statement].” he said, adding, “What could I say more?”

He also later told the The Times of London that he was using a chess software on his phone to cheat.