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China’s one party rule, a superior way


China’s political model has proved to be a viable alternative to so called Western democracy after the successful completion of 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party on 1st July 2021 which has taken the country from under developing economy to the economic super power of the world in the span of just last 45 years after the economic reforms introduced by Deng Xiaoping in late 70’s which resulted in spectacular growth.
The belief that a ruling party is all important to a state came from Lenin who believed that only one party, the Communists could take the workers to their ultimate destiny and that the involvement of other parties would hinder this progress.
China has evolved a model of democratic meritocracy that is morally desirable and politically stable. The China Model provides political system that not only historically rooted in China, but would prove to be the most important political development or the system of the twenty-first century in the world.
Political stability is the prime reason behind the “china’s miracle” or emergence of China as one of the leading economic super power of the world. Chinese-style political meritocracy can rectify the key flaws of electoral democracy.
China’s one-party system is superior to the Western multiparty system in every sense which has been proven true via “Chinese-Miracle” which has stunned& beaten the entire world.
The example which China has set via successful one party system rule is now becoming a role model or slogan for the world to follow.
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan recently cited the example of Chinese one-party system and lauded it loudly on the floor of the house during his speech.
The Communist Party China CPC is a unique example of bringing alternative political model to western democratic system which was always perceived as the “only best” political system or option for the world to run their state of affairs.
The electoral democracy has never given a best leadership so far, even it’s quite difficult to hold them accountable due to manipulative tactics during their engineered electoral systembut CPC has performed it far better without electoral democracy as it solely serves on merit.
Communist Party of China (CPC) offers a model of governance with an efficient system of sifting and grooming talent on the basis of merit, which is parallel model to the western electoral democratic system.
Any country by following China’s one-party system can develop a national long-term (lasting) development strategy and hence can maintain the sustainability or stability of the policy, without getting influenced by criticism of different political parties with different perceptions under ulterior motives. The one-party system got the powerful ability to motivate and mobilize the nation.
Chinese one party system provides effective monitoring mechanism to curb corruption as people can exert pressure as it allows social transition.China is a one-party state which negates-gross corruption. Corruption is always detrimental to economic growth. Indeed, China has risen to the status of a global economic superpower through massive actions of President Xi Jinping against corruption.
The Xi administration has termed its crackdown on corruption “Killing Tigers and Swatting Flies”. The recent crackdowns on corruption in China has brought the country to the world stage.
China one party system offers more accountable government to the people as it is wholly and solely responsible for every action it takes as masses are entitled lawfully to oversight the progress, reforms or regressive policies of the government. In one party government people might have no choice to change the “political puppet faces” of the multiple political party leaders but one party leaders are totally and completely responsible for their deeds and words.t allows for easy and fast decision making no time is wasted in consultation and discussion and hence rapid implementation of the policy is ensured.
In a Multi-party western democratic system the government changes after the tenure of every 4 or 5 years as every new government starts its policy from the scratch hence country progress is pushed back to fifty steps backward.
Western democratic form of government is actually a nexus or ally of corrupted elements who consolidate each other’s power for a specific period of time. It’s a kind of musical chair where “turn” of every corrupted mafia comes one by one to loot and plunder the masses and the country. During western democracy elections process people do not choose the best but just drive away the worst. They are forced to digest the notion that “this is not the best, but have no choice for another five years” attitude to towards the new ruling party.
In multi-party system no major aspects of changes gets visible and is failed to meet the expectations of the people. People have got short term memory, thus the malpractices of previous governments are forgotten and forgiven by the people as incumbent government bad deeds becomes the talk of the town and highlighted by the media and the previous government ispraised and discussed like the real “god-fathers”.
One party system is a powerful instrument for national integration and a unifying factor, especially in a culturally and complex political system.
China’s one-party system has proven over time to be remarkably adaptable to changing times, demands and trends which manifests the fact that China’s political system is more flexible than western democracy.
The West’s competition with China is the clash of two fundamentally different political outlooks.
Sooner China’s one-party system is ready to be exported to regimes everywhere as China under the President Xi Jinping has emerged as the most powerful leader of the world in four decades.
It was Xi Jinping who actually had floated the debate that China’s one party political model will be followed by other states of the world as role model of success and he vehemently denied of copying western style of democracy.
The success of Chinese one party model has sparked severe resentment among US power corridors and it has generated a close door debate of giving a shot to remove or limit presidential power in China.
China’s political system well defines adaptability, legitimacy and meritocracy. China’s political, social and economic reforms are ongoing process for decades and China in today’s world is considered to be the world’s leading reformer.
Democracy in countries like America or Canada distribute power to those with superior wealth, looks, charisma, and political cunning or rhetorical flair.
In fact it’s quite shocking and interesting to see US with a history of just 245 years is preaching to China that has a history of over 5000 years over democratic norms. China’s rise from bicycles to bullet trains is nothing that should not envy western world or USA. China has the world’s strongest military force, 406 ships against 202 of US. From a country that could hardly feed its people today’s China is an economic giant.
Chinese people cherish a strong sense of pride in its country and the developments and achievements made by its government under Communist Party China.
Capitalist nations today envy China’s growth and development as China focused to modernize with proper planning and strategy, along 4 main pillars – Science & Technology, Agriculture, and Industry & National Defense. The CPC under Xi jinping signature sincerely worked to eradicate poverty and corruption.
The Communist Party of China deserves to feel proud of the strides it has taken in the realm of international politics via China’s one-party system. The leadership of CPC a given a model of successful development in dynamic world of intrigues and conspiracies via its one party political system and I have got no qualm in admitting that Chinese-miracle or achievement credit goes to visionary leadership of CPC.