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Cliff collapsed on a surfing beach in California, killing 3

Source: The Washington Post

A well-known surfing beach in Encinitas, California was closed on Saturday after a cliff collapsed, sending tons of sandstone on people and claiming the lives of 3.

A 30 foot long slab of the cliff took a dive on the sand near the Grandview Beach just north of San Diego. A KNSD-TV helicopter captured footage of beach chairs, towels, surf boards and beach toys strewn about the sand.

People at the beach including lifeguards at a nearby tower ran towards the towering pile of debris to help pull out the victims. The tower was estimated to weigh around tens of thousands of pounds.

Jim Pepperdine, who lives nearby, told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “I saw first responders, and I saw lifeguards frantically digging people out of the debris,” Pepperdine also claimed that he saw people trying to resuscitate a woman before her body was covered.

This event killed a woman on the spot and later two more died at the hospitals. Another person was moved to the hospital for medical attention while a person who suffered some minor injuries was treated at the scene, according to the statements from the city.

The names and ages of the victims were not released immediately although authorities claimed that all the victims were adults. Search dogs were brought in to look for more possible victims and a skip loader was brought to move the heavy debris. No other victims were found by late Friday night.